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Gambody Introduces a New Website Feature

Gambody has successfully integrated a new website feature – the download button of several free STL files for assembly 3D models. The 3D printing marketplace believes that the new option will be highly appreciated by 3D printing enthusiasts.

The idea of integrating the free STL sample for assembly 3D models comes after a period of doubt and skepticism related to the 3D printing, in general, and to the printability of the STL files that are available for purchase on the online marketplace, in particular.

3D printing has come a long a way. Even so, people are reserved in believing that a 3D printer digital file can generate an accurate 3D model. To eliminate the doubt, we launched an online workshop, where we showed videos of the 3D printing process of the models that were displayed on our marketplace. Although we received positive feedback, we came to the conclusion that people were more open to buy the STL files for complex 3D models, if they had the chance to test print some of the STL files first, says Aleksandr Ignatenko, Gambody’s CEO.

This was how the integration of the DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES button happened. Starting 14 February 2017, the customers and all those who want to test assembly 3D models from the marketplace, are encouraged to download the free STL files, 3D print them and convince themselves of their printability. Free STL samples are available for download for 3D models consisting of more than 5 parts.
download button
Nevertheless, Gambody reminds all its potential and current customers to take the printing recommendations, provided for every 3D model, into consideration.

We invest a lot of time and effort to test the 3D model files that are uploaded by our authors. We share our experience with our audience to help them overcome difficulties with the 3D printing, assisting them from the moment they make the purchase until they see their 3D model on the desk.

All assembly and static 3D models are tested by Gambody on their Ultimaker 2, an FDM 3D printer.

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