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Geomagic Design Direct

Geomagic’s Design Direct (former Geomagic Spark) combines powerful reverse engineering tools with a user friendly and an extensive direct modelling CAD platform.

Geomagic Design Direct simplifies functions to process scan data as well as editing functions in a digital native and broad CAD package for direct modelling. This can optimise product development, acts as as catalyser for the efficience of processes, simplifies team work and therefor allows for the product to be rolled out in less time.

Geomagic Design Direct builds upon the industry’s leading software CAD-API by SpaceClaim®. Geomagic target is to appeal to CAD experts as well as unexperienced CAD user. You can scan or import point clouds directly into the application and display solid models with the aid of dynamic push/pull tools. Geomagic Design Direct is compatible with a wide range of additional modules of other providers and it can easily be integrated into all major CAD packages.


  • Scan and probe directly into a CAD application; import point clouds, meshes and CAD formats
  • High-functioning point cloud and mesh editing tools
  • Quickly produce complete 3D models from incomplete scan data
  • Intuitive push/pull functionality; no complicated history tree
  • Easy to learn
  • Create and edit large assemblies
  • Quickly create annotated 2D technical drawing and 3D dimensions
  • Interoperable with a range of CAD and PLM tools
  • Supports neutral file formats, including IGES, STEP, OBJ, ACIS and PDF, with interoperability tools direct to other CAD platforms
  • Compatible with a collection of powerful third-party add-ins for SpaceClaim, e.g., photorealistic visualisation, PDM, analysis and CAM
  • Free TraceParts library access to over 100 million standard CAD models from leading parts manufacturers

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