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Geomagic Design X – Update: Version 2016

Geomagic Design X (former Rapidform XOR) is a reverse engineering software which combines CAD with 3D scan data processing in order to create parametrical, editable models from any kind of object that you scanned. 

March 7, 2014: 3D scanner create point clouds or polygon meshes which usually don’t meet the requirements of designs. Geomagic Design X specially focuses on creating suitable 3D models directly from scanned data. It therefore offers a quicker way to obtain entire, parametrical, three-dimensional models out of unprocessed 3D scans. The program uses familiar tools to create 3D models and skips troublesome processes of polygon editing and creation of surfaces.

Geomagic Design X Screenshot

Design X builds upon the CAS system base Parasolid, so you don’t have to switch between applications. Automatisms simplify the process of scan data. Files can be converted into the formats SolidWorks, Pro/E, NX, AutoCAD, CATIA and many more.


September 10, 2015: Update – New Geomagix Design X Version 2016

The latest version of the reverse engineering software offers new key features and tools along with a completely updated user interface:

  • geomagic_design_x_2016_3dNew Ribbon UI brings all the tools to the surface. Quick and easy access and visibility into the entire toolset.
  • Mode-less mesh editing: Enjoy quick and easy mesh editing without the need to enter and exit an editing mode
    or being forced to roll back your history to edit the mesh.
  • New quick access toolbar consolidates common selection, visibility, and view controls into a familiar and easy to
    use interface, while simultaneously reducing icon clutter in the interface
  • Improved Accuracy Analyzer tool choices to easily access and choose comparison models and data for analysis
  • The new Right-Click contextual menu puts commonly-used functions right
    at the users’ Mouse Tip. Save mouse travel time and improve efficiency by choosing from our contextual function menu
  • Improved tooltips to better understand a function at a glance

Exact Surfacing: Algorithms developed by Geomagic are now an integral part of the software’s expanded surfacing tool set. When precise, perfect NURBS surfaces for CAD modelling, FEA or entertainment engineering are needed, Geomagic Design X can deliver these the first time.


HD Mesh Construction is perfect for making high-resolution, high-definition meshes. You can recover fine details from noisy or sparse point clouds and make use of the intelligent automatic hole filling.