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Geomagic Wrap enables to create 3D models from physical objects and is used by artist, archeologists, designers as well as film producers.

Geomagic Wrap is a user friendly, fast and precise method to create 3D polygon models out of point clouds. It enables the user to transform point cloud and measurement data into 3D polygon meshes, which can be used in manufacturing, design, the entertainment industry, archeology and for analysis.

Advantages of Geomagic Wrap

Geomagic Wrap allows for a high quality of 3D scan data as well as precision and productivity due to intelligence, automatism and flexibility.

  • Fast generation of 3D models in order to use them for 3D printing, archiving and export to other systems for visual effects, rendering etc.
  • Editing, navigation and visualising of point clouds from 3D scanner with medium to high range
  • Creation of 2D and 3D elements directly from measurement data, which then can be integrated easily into other sources of data
  • Automated tools for alignment, adjustment and re-instatement of surfaces of point clouds
  • Rapid processing of dense data allows for design and use of larger models
  • Resilient scripting environment extends, automates and enables to define functions
  • Exports polygon models in various data formats like STL, OBJ, VRML, DXF, PLZ and 3DS
  • Output via 3D PDF support of PRC format to display completely embedded, functional 3D models in PDF files

Support and ample learning resources:

  • A shared user surface allows for a simple, scaleable transition of other Geomagic products for inspection and reverse engineering, which can be adjusted to the growth and productivity of a business
  • Technical telephone support (included in maintenance agreement) helps with all kind of problems
  • Extensive tutorials, videos, documents and user manuals, which help to find solutions for challenges and problems
  • Training material

A free test version can be downloaded here.

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