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German RepRap adds PC-Max to portfolio

Feldkirchen near Munich, May 2018 – German RepRap extends its portfolio. The new polycarbonate max (PC-Max) is a thermoplastic material and impresses with optimum mechanical properties and excellent thermal formability.

High achievable values of impact, strength, stiffness and hardness make the PC-Max ideal for demanding applications. Companies benefit from high production speed and flexibility in geometry. For example, fast production of durable tools is not a problem anymore. A very high melting temperature and dimensional stability at well over 100 degrees Celsius (212 F°), as well as severe flammability continue to pay attention to this attribute. The impact resistance is about 250 times higher than other materials, making PC-Max an ideal material for security applications. In addition, it shows good properties as an insulator against electric current. The new PC-Max is resistant to diluted acids, many oils and greases as well as to ethanol, but is inconsistent to bases, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons as well as ketones and esters.

PC-Max print objects are particularly suitable for applications that are mechanically very demanding. Therefore, it is mainly used in areas such as functional prototypes, tools, end components, protective covers and containers, privacy screens, security applications or as an electrical insulator. The material is familiar to most companies as it is already used in conventional production.

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