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HAI TEC AM-Innovations Offers Customised Solutions for the Future of Additive Manufacturing – Interview with CEO Sebastian Haimerl

HAI TEC AM-Innovations, based in Germany, specialises in the development of intelligent solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. Since its foundation in 2017, the team has been developing customised concepts for its customers from a wide range of industries, including the manufacturing and automotive industries, aerospace, medical technology, food technology and architecture. In an interview with 3Druck.com, CEO Sebastian Haimerl shares his expertise in the field of additive manufacturing.

The company’s roots lie in mechatronic systems and the additive manufacturing of self-supporting lattice structures. Drawing on many years of experience with various AM processes and technical expertise, the HAI TEC team has built up extensive expertise in this field over the years and considers application development for additive manufacturing to be cross-process and cross-technology. In addition to technical prototypes and small series, the company also produces metal replacement and high-performance components as well as mechanical assemblies and production aids on its own production facilities.

The service provider for industrial 3D printing specialises in filament extrusion. Since 2021, the team’s manufacturing expertise has also included 3D printing with high-performance plastics such as PPSU or PEEK. These materials are known for their outstanding strength and are used for demanding applications where conventional plastics reach their limits.

The company also offers the creation of AM-compliant designs for the cost-effective production of technical prototypes and design objects.

Interview with Sebastian Haimerl

In an interview with 3Druck.com, CEO Sebastian Haimerl talks about the importance of additive manufacturing for the industry and explains why there is still room for improvement and untapped potential. In addition to significant innovations, he also discusses possible future developments and prospects for additive manufacturing.

What do you think is the significance of additive manufacturing for some of the key industries you serve?

CEO Sebastian Haimerl

Additive manufacturing is a new way of making things that, when used correctly, complements conventional manufacturing processes and increases their efficiency. Additive manufacturing enables circular material cycles and reduces material consumption. Irrespective of the industry, however, we repeatedly find that although there is great potential for AM solutions in many companies, these often remain unrealised for a variety of reasons, for example because they are simply overlooked or only implemented with a limited approach. 

Additive manufacturing has developed continuously in recent years. As a service provider, which innovations or technological breakthroughs do you consider to be particularly important?

There is no substitute for solid system technology with industrial application capability.

In my view, bioprinting, printed electronics and the development of additive manufacturing in the construction industry with sustainable and circular materials and, of course, the many possibilities of artificial intelligence are particularly interesting. 

First corona and currently high inflation pose major challenges for the entire industry. How do you think the various crises are affecting additive manufacturing?

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how additive manufacturing can be used as a valuable and readily available tool in problematic situations.

However, the subdued overall economic situation and the resulting postponement of projects and development plans has certainly had a negative impact. 

Although it must also be said that there has been a slight improvement since the beginning of 2024.  

What impact do you think additive manufacturing will have on various industries and possibly on society as a whole in the coming years?

We will digitise everything!

Digitalisation is fundamentally transforming our society and additive manufacturing is one of the most important tools for the physical production of material objects based on digital shapes.

I firmly believe that the more new additive manufacturing technologies, materials, applications and software solutions emerge and become established, the easier and more liveable it will be for society as a whole.

Here you can find more information about HAI TEC AM-Innovations.

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