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Handddle supports the French Aerospace Force in 3D printing

Handddle, a French startup developing smart production cells for additive manufacturing, and the French Aerospace Forces have renewed their collaboration to support the rise of additive manufacturing in the defense sector. A year after installing a microfactory at the French Aerospace Forces’ National 3D Printing Pole (PNI3D), Handddle is expanding the collaboration with a new installation.

3D printing offers numerous advantages to the military industry, especially in the rapid production of complex and customized parts. Handddle’s Smart Farm microfactory provides a controlled, standardized and resilient production solution for the French Aerospace Forces.

Since its installation in April 2022, Handddle has worked with the armed forces to build a robust and ergonomic production process for high-quality parts. After a year of operation, the PNI3D acquired two new Smart Farm units to meet growing production needs.

Handddle was able to rely on user feedback to further develop its solution, both hardware and software, with a focus on automation.

“With the possibilities offered by our platform during production phases, we can help them automate workflow tasks related to the management and security of production environments, allowing soldiers to focus on their main mission”, says Dylan TALEB, co-founder of Handddle.

Tests at multiple sites demonstrated the solution’s effectiveness in remotely monitoring and controlling distributed production. Handddle also experimented with retrofitting earlier versions to upgrade the entire microfactory.

In the future, Handddle’s Smart Farm could be deployed on a large scale to strengthen the independence and resilience of French aerospace forces in times of crisis. A global network would improve the technical availability and cost control of support, and the force’s ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances would be strengthened.

Find out more about Handddle at handddle.com.

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