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head(amame): Low-cost high-end headphones through 3D printing

Canadian startup head(amame) is manufacturing high-quality headphones using 3D printing to cut costs. According to the Vancouver-based company, this should make audiophile models affordable for more people.

According to head(amame), 3D printing allows parts to be produced on demand, rather than in stock. This reduces storage costs and material waste. It also makes it easy to customize and develop models. As company founder Morgan explains, development of the headphones began in 2019.

Currently, the company offers two versions. The high-end head(amame) can be purchased from 169 euros, while the min(amame) are available from 97 euros. In these models, the headphones are already assembled. International shipping to Europe costs $9 and is free for purchases of $175 or more.

A special feature is that you can also buy only the parts that are not 3D printed. For the remaining parts, you can get the 3D models online. The kit for head(amame) is available from 105 euros and the kit for min(amame) from 53 euros. The company has also published a tool for this, which is intended to simplify planning during printing.

The YouTube channel DankPods has tested the headphones and showed all the details of the finished product:

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