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MarkForged Releases Composite Fibre 3D Printer “Mark Two”

US-based manufacturer MarkForged has just launched the next generation of their industrial-grade 3D printer capable of printing materials such as carbon fibre, fibreglass, kevlar and nylon.

Among general improvements of hardware, software and materials, the Mark Two 3D printer is said to offer a 40% faster fibre printing process and to print fibre reinforcement features 15 times smaller than before. Just as the previous version, the printer uses two print heads: one that builds the nylon part and the other reinforces the part with continuous fiber.

The new model comes with MarkForged’s browser-based 3D printing software Eiger, that runs on any computer and is designed for ease-of-use. It automatically reinforces parts with fibre to maximise their strength and stiffness.


The removable print bed clicks into place with a 10 micron accuracy and therefor enables the user to pause the print, remove the bed and add components before clicking it back into position to continue the printing process.

Technical specifications:

  • Build area: 320 x 132 x 154 mm
  • Layer resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Materials: Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Kevlar, Nylon
  • Machine Size: 575 x 322 x 360 mm
  • Software: Eiger, browser-based
  • Supported OS: Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.7 Lion+, Linux
  • Supported file types: .STL

Prices for the new Mark Two 3D printer start at $ 5,499.