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How to Design a Robotic Wasp Using 3D Modelling Software

In this article, we will introduce our latest 3D model – a robot wasp. You can always find the best inspiration in nature itself. Our wasp is one of them. A scary and beautiful creature at the same time. Still, our goal was to make it unique, so we wanted to add some mechanical parts to it to look like a robotic wasp.

The first step was to find high quality photos with all details. It is very important to know the anatomy of the creature you want to model or draw. Those are the basics. You can learn a lot from good photos and see all parts like head, body, legs, wings, eyes, sting, etc. Also, it will help you to have better overview of proportions.


After examining photos, it is time to start with 3D modeling. We always use CADENAS PARTsolutions modeling software considering it is easy to use with great results. All body parts are made roughly to see if we have the right proportions. You can always compare it to the original photos or a model, so you can make body parts smaller or bigger, longer or shorter depending on your choice. Once you are satisfied with the basic body parts, it is time to model each of them with all details. This will take some time, so be patient. When everything is done, check the whole assembly one more time; proportions, positions, details, colors, etc. Look for mistakes and correct them. If you wish, you can even modify some parts. You can find more details on our PARTcommuniy site.

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The next step is rendering. We used Maxwell software to get a photo-realistic effect. Instead of yellow, our choice was gold for it to look more robotic. Stickers, broadcasters, electronic circuit board and other technical equipment was added too. Use your imagination to create something really special. The final step is to choose a background, light source (angle) and all what is left is to make a real photo and animation. Finally, our wasp became one of a kind robotic-mechanical wasp. We hope you have found this article both educational and inspirational. Now go and create your own monster!

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This is a guest post by Dalibor Pejicic, Social Media Manager at CADENAS and airbrush painter

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