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i.materialise: 3D Printed Copper Just Makes Cents

Adding copper to their portfolio of materials, 3D printing service provider i.materialise introduces the 19th material, available as of now.

Copper, an affordable metal with a very high thermal and electrical conductivity, can be used for a variety of objects. Typically, wires, cables and parts of electronic items are made of the material due to its conductivity and, since it does not attract bacteria, handles, door knobs and coins are produced using copper. It is also found in architecture, jewellery or household items.

Here are some examples and ideas of what to create using the new copper material:

i.materialise uses lost wax casting to produce copper objects. Therefore, a wax model is 3D printed and then covered in plaster to create the final mould for the liquid metal. You have then option to get a PU coat for your objects to prevent corrosion, which gives  them a greenish patina.


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