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iFactory3D receives 7-digit investment sum from private investor network

Düsseldorf-based technology startup iFactory3D announces the successful completion of a financing round on the Companisto investment platform. More than 600 individual private investors and business angels pledged over one million euros for the company and its innovative product, the One Pro 3D assembly line printer. One of the things that convinced them was the special feature of the 3D assembly line printer compared to conventional printers: thanks to the built-in assembly line and smart camera technology, objects can be printed in series around the clock without supervision.

The One Pro automates additive manufacturing and, for a price of around €4,000 (as of September 2022), is aimed at SMEs and small businesses. From the automotive industry to mechanical engineering and medical technology to toolmaking, companies across industries have already opted for 3D assembly line printers from iFactory3D, which can be used to flexibly close supply bottlenecks of important components without additional manpower. As with other AM machines, the costs are significantly lower up to a high quantity than with injection molding, since no tooling and setup costs are incurred during printing.

Differentiation from other suppliers

iFactory3D focuses on marketing the One Pro to business customers, making it the only B2B supplier of assembly line 3D printers. Since the printer is made of high-quality components sourced almost exclusively from European manufacturers, customers receive a production machine that meets industrial standards. In contrast to low-cost Chinese competitors, iFactory3D focuses on durability, reliable camera monitoring, personal technical support and customized solutions thanks to its in-house R&D department. In addition, iFactory3D offers service contracts for maintenance and consulting.

Currently, iFactory3D is also working on a rental model for time-limited projects that allows companies to use multiple assembly line 3D printers at the same time. With a subsequent purchase option, iFactory3D thus offers an advantage for ambitious startups with low liquidity, which can sustainably integrate the One Pro into their business model once their idea has successfully taken off.

Company history

The idea of founding a 3D printer company was sparked by Martin Huber, an industrial chemist, when he needed several custom parts for a project. The dimensions of most of the parts far exceeded the capacities of conventional printers, and the machines that could have managed the production of these objects, in turn, far exceeded the budget of the inventor. Martin Huber came to the conclusion that there had to be a simpler and cheaper way. Thus, the first prototype was created with a built-in assembly line instead of a rigid print bed. To develop and market the resulting 3D assembly line printer, Martin Huber founded the company iFactory3D together with entrepreneur Artur Steffen in July 2020. With the financial support and the access to industry experts and exciting contacts gained at the same time, the entrepreneurs are now embarking on the international marketing of their product a

Artur Steffen explains, “The great interest in our technology confirms to us that a transformation is taking place in the world of production and that we will be an active part of this reshaping. With Companisto, we have chosen a strong partner. We’re pleased that you don’t have to go to the U.S. for visionary ideas, but that more than enough forward-thinking entrepreneurs are ready for something new in this country, too.”

More innovation with assembly line technology

The CEO of iFactory3D sees the One Pro as more than just a reliable machine that provides agility to customers in a wide range of industries and quickly delivers big savings in manufacturing costs. Rather, the product, which has taken a total of 4 years to develop to date, is the manifestation of potential. As a serial founder, Artur Steffen knows what he is talking about: the prospects that 3D assembly line printing offers the startup scene mean a lot to him in particular.

He sees iFactory3D’s mission in enabling innovation and emphasizes, “When you know that this device gives you the freedom to implement virtually anything you want directly and independently, the next steps immediately seem much easier. With the One Pro, there are no more limits to creativity – there’s no more inhibition to simply turn a production idea into reality. So you’re not buying a 3D printer, you’re buying endless possibilities.”

So the investors and business angels have not only chosen one business idea from iFactory3D, but actually support countless ideas and individuals. In the future, more companies and individuals are sure to be convinced by the printers, which can mass-produce almost any type of object – including extra-long objects – at low cost. The ROI that some iFactory3D customers have seen after just a few weeks should do the rest. So the automation train of additive manufacturing can begin.

Find out more about iFactory3D at ifactory3d.com.

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