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Industrial AM from Norway buys the RoboWAAM System from WAAM3D

WAAM3D announced that the Norwegian company Industrial AM has acquired the RoboWAAM 3D printing system. This is the nineteenth system the company has sold to a total of ten countries.

Industrial AM is a subsidiary of MOMEK Robotics, Testpartner and Kunnskapsparken Helgeland and supplies sustainably produced large metal components for industries such as petroleum, process industry, mineral industry, aquaculture and energy.

Dr Filomeno Martina, CEO and co-founder of WAAM3D comments: “We are delighted to work with Industrial AM and be their first choice for large scale metal AM capabilities. Their use cases are incredibly varied and interesting, and the Norwegian market is an exciting one. The incredible wealth of experience in related technologies brought by Industrial AM and their backers matches perfectly with our pursuit here at WAAM3D for non-stop innovation. We look forward to working with them on industrial projects with real end-use applications.”

Thomas Borgen at Industrial AM comments: “We are excited to be collaborating with WAAM3D. The purchase of their RoboWAAM Advanced platform will be game-changing for our work with world leading clients in the oil and gas, process and mineral, aquaculture, and renewables industries. We are very pleased to be a pioneer in the growing industry of large-scale 3D metal printing here in Norway and with WAAM3D we are buying not just a machine, but the company’s leading-edge processes and expertise as well.”

RoboWAAM Advanced is WAAM3D’s leading technology platform. Since its award-winning launch in April 2022, it has been continuously developed and has gained high market acceptance thanks to its innovative features:

  • Real-Time ShapeTechTM: A novel interferometric sensor that reconstructs the 3D profile of the deposited structure and extracts the layer height value.
  • Double-point temperature measurement: Ensures consistent printing conditions and checks process parameters during the printing process.
  • Electronic wire positioning: Increases process stability.
  • Double wire feed: Increases deposition rates.
  • Fume Management System (FMS): With integrated fume limitation, filtering and treatment on board.
  • Global Shielding: For the deposition of reactive materials with fully automatic purging, atmosphere holding and evacuation cycles.

Industrial AM has also acquired WAAM3D’s full suite of software, including WAAMPlanner, WAAMKeys and WAAMSim, which provide comprehensive planning, defect control and visualization of the deposition environment, as well as WAAMCtrl, an operating system for RoboWAAM that provides seamless integration with WAAM3D hardware and sensors.

This advance in metal 3D printing promises to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape by enabling more sustainable, efficient and flexible production methods. It shows how 3D printing technology is increasingly gaining a foothold in industrial applications and offering innovative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

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