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TRIDITIVE summons in Asturias experts in Additive Manufacturing (AM) for the technological event of the year

The first Industrial scale AM Forum, which will take place this September in Gijón, will gather the leading experts in this technology to provide solutions to companies of the region.

The Asturian company TRIDITIVE organizes the next Thursday, September 13th at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, the most important event of additive manufacturing (commonly known as “3D Printing”) at regional level. In this event, the leading experts in this technology from Technology Centers and the most advanced national companies in the sector will meet. One of the biggest attractions of the event will be the official exhibition of AMCELL, the most disruptive automated industrial machine on the market for additive manufacturing with TRIDITIVE’s patented technology. The 1st Industrial scale AM forum is supported by Impulsa Empresas of Gijón, University of Oviedo, Medialab University of Oviedo and the Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación (CEEI).

The main goal of the “1st Industrial scale AM forum” is to present the disruptive potential of Additive Manufacturing in the Industry and its impact on a commercial level. The official exhibition of AMCELL, the first automated additive manufacturing machine for large batch production in metal and polymer, will be one of the main attractions of the event. AMCELL® is the first integrated system for series manufacturing which allows optimization of manufacturing queues, process monitoring and smart control for both available raw material and chamber environment.

TRIDITIVE is SME funded in mid-term 2016 which develops and automatizes Additive Manufacturing industrial machinery for production of metallic and polymeric components. It has an Industrial scale AM centre (SCALADD) located in Gijón, for the production of medium to large batches manufacturing. TRIDITIVE has been awarded with different prizes during its history such as Award to the excellent entrepreneur woman by Repsol Foundation and Secot. Finalist Entrepreneur XXI Awards by La Caixa Bank. Innovative technology-based company Seal EIBT by ANCES. Innovative Pyme Access by AJE Asturias. Accessibility in design by ASPAYM, 2017. Finalist Best Startup Asturias Investors day by CEEI and IDEPA.

In presence of this new industrial situation that opens Industry 4.0, the factories as we know will evolve towards the known as “factories of the future” or “smart factories”, in which the reaching of the technological advances that are currently being carried out, foresee great improvements in the additive manufacturing sector (the process by a 3D file is converted into a physical object by addition of material). Thanks to this enabling technology, solutions can be created for the main demands of the Industry 4.0 (complexity, flexibility and agility), thus allowing the passage of rapid prototyping to the mass production of final parts.
TRIDITIVE has set up a panel with the leading experts in this technology at national and european level for the 1st Industrial scale AM forum. They will present innovative work lines and projects in the field of Additive Manufacturing in metal and process automation. The Forum is presented as a complete path of the industrialization of this technology with presentations that will show from the most general topics, such as “Scaling production with additive manufacturing” to more technical aspects such as “Additive manufacturing of large parts towards the part with zero defects”, “How to use the standard ISO / ASTM terminology for additive manufacturing”, in addition to “Manufacturing of functional metal parts from conception to delivery with “additive thinking””, among others. Offered by the most important companies, foundations and universities in the sector such as the PRODINTEC Foundation, AIMEN Technological Center, Lortek, Eurecat Technological Center of Cataluña, ITMA Foundation, IK4-TEKNIKER Technology and Research Center, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), the University of Oviedo and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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