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InssTek uses multi-material 3D printing for rocket nozzles

The South Korean 3D printing specialist InssTek, together with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), has produced a hybrid rocket nozzle weighing several tons, including an extension, from different materials using direct energy deposition (DED).

The “multi-material rocket nozzle” consists of an inner component made of Al-bronze (Cu alloy) with a narrow cooling channel and an outer shell made of Inconel 625. The extension was made of the niobium alloy C-103.

The components proved themselves in tests, including combustion tests with the C-103 extension and multiple ignitions of the hybrid component. Ultimately, the integration into a high-performance unit was successful.

The decisive factor was the use of multi-material 3D printing for targeted material selection and structural optimization. This allows the efficiency and resilience of engine components, such as thermal management and strength, to be increased.

The collaboration between InssTek and KARI demonstrates the capabilities of Korean 3D printing technology for the aerospace industry. It paves the way for further developments in this field.

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