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INTAMSYS Launches Affordable PEEK 3D Printer

These days new 3D Printers are coming into the market on a regular basis. These new launches can easily be slotted into 2 segments – Desktop 3D Printers which are affordable to many but which can print only a standard set of materials like ABS, PLA, Nylon and Industrial 3D Printers which are out of reach to many but can print functional materials like ULTEM, Metals, Resins. Though there are lot of breakthroughs happening in industrial 3D Printing space, the desktop FDM 3D printing segment experienced only incremental advances with no real breakthrough post the RepRap revolution.

Taking cognizance of this situation, INTAMSYS, a Shanghai based 3D Printer manufacturer has launched FUNMAT HT, one of its kind functional material 3D Printer that is affordable to everyone. This printer can print various high performance materials like PEEK, ULTEM (PEI) and PC without burning a hole in customer’s pocket. Accordingly to Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS, “When we started INTAMSYS 3 years back, we had a long brainstorming session on what our vision and mission should be. We took stock of the industry’s past, present and future and realized that to make 3D Printing a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, we need to come up with machines that can print functional materials at affordable prices. FUNMAT HT was the outcome of that session, one and only functional material 3D Printer that is within $5000 price range. Our entire 3 year journey is directed towards achieving this.”

The machine had a soft launch at FORMNEXT, Germany in the month of Nov 2016. The soft launch proved very successful and the company received excellent feedback from various quarters. “When we launched the machine, we didn’t expect the kind of response we received. There was lot of interest in the machine and experts from varied industries gave us lot of valuable feedback. We took all that feedback and launched an improved version. The new features dramatically reduce print failure rate and enhance overall PEEK 3D Printing experience. We hope this machine finds increased usage in aerospace, medical and automobile industries where functional materials are essential” said Raja Upputuri, marketing director at INTAMSYS.

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