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Intel makes Technology more Accessible to People with Hearing Loss using 3D printing

In collaboration with Intel and Accenture, 3DP4ME is using 3D printing to provide assistive devices to people in developing countries.

More than 1.5 billion people worldwide live with hearing loss, and the World Health Organization predicts that number will rise to more than 2.5 billion by 2050.

“Previous work to provide hearing aids to children included hand-making the custom ear molds. It was a craft that was labor-intensive, and you could only make four or five hearing aids a day,” says Jason Szolomayer, founder of 3DP4ME. “There were long wait times, even after the kids were tested. Using 3D printing allows us to scale up the service we provide to families and kids who need hearing aids.”

Intel is also working to improve compatibility between hearing aids and computers. Taking into account the experiences of hearing impaired employees, a team from Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) is using Bluetooth LE Audio to enable a direct connection between verified hearing aids and Intel Evo PCs.

However, CCG accessibility project initiatives go even further. “All Ears,” an artificial intelligence platform, serves as a Bluetooth LE hearing aid assistant. It detects key environmental sounds and provides visual notifications, enabling users to better interact with their surroundings.

These efforts reflect Intel’s commitment to inclusion, with the goal of developing technologies that improve the lives of all people worldwide.

Find out more about 3DP4ME at 3dp4me.org.

For more information about Intel and Accenture, please visit intel.com and accenture.com.

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