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Introducing the Farsoon FS301M — High Quality and User-oriented Machines for Metal AM Production

Farsoon is excited to introduce the FS301M metal system, a system which was designed from the user perspective. By taking the pain points from our customers which focus around productivity, safety, stability, and ease of use, it led us to co-innovating with Farsoon’s key partners from various industries such as aerospace and tooling, Farsoon has created a system truly suited for industry. By working closely with these industry partners, the FS301M was designed to meet desired user operations, including production speed, powder management, machine factory layout, quality of finished parts, ease of operation and serviceability. With strong commitment and joint development cycles right from the beginning, the FS301M system will be beta-tested by industry co-development partners later this year.

Farsoon’s openness to truly co-innovate by working with customers has led to the development of a truly user-friendly system. Many improvements were made, some incremental and some large to address the above-mentioned pain points to enable customers to achieve high quality industrial metal additive manufacturing. The Farsoon FS301M features a 305 × 305 × 400mm build cylinder suited for larger-sized industrial applications as well as versatile single or dual laser options for improved productivity and efficiency. With enhanced powder handling safety offered by the integrated powder feed connector, the process of adding powder can be accomplished under a protected environment without the need to expose the build or user to potential contamination or hazards. Combining with an integrated long-lasting filtration system, the FS301M features a compact machine footprint and designated operation access for a flexible factory layout and good serviceability.

Like all Farsoon systems, the new FS301M is truly open. This means that machine parameters and powder choice are unlocked for the users, allowing for unparalleled freedom and flexibility when it comes to industrial metal laser melting production.

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