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Introducing the “Sharebot 42” 3D Printer

Sharebot launches “42”

On February 26th Sharebot unveiled it’s new Flagship desktop 3D printer named “42”. Targeting small and medium size professional companies, this filament deposition (FFF) printer is designed with several technological improvements on it’s well loved previous models. 42’s clever design has made it possible to save space, maximize the print area and increase the usability factor as well as a higher quality and precision of the end result.

The highlight features are the automatic bed-levelling system and the interchangeable extruder – 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm. Additionally, a filament sensor automatically pauses the print job when the filament is blocked or has run out.

Sharebot 42 also comes with a heated plate, has a precision of 5 microns and a printing speed of 23 mm³ per second. At the heart of the device is a quad-core ARM processor, supported by 1GB of RAM.


On the usability side, is a 6-inch resistive touch-screen display to manage and fine-tune settings from the printer directly and two USB ports: one for the standard reading of drives and storage media, and the other to manage the files.

In  parallel Sharebot has developed a software to enable ease of use and with an intuitive user interface in order to get high quality printing results. Conveniently, printing can also be managed remotely. The printer can be connected to your corporate or home network via Wifi, allowing users to manage more than one machine simultaneously; checking in real time all the stages of printing thanks to a built-in webcam.

With an elegant design and friendly user interface, the 42 is a compact machine, plug and play, with optional closed case and inside mounted spool holder. It has software for remote control, which was created by Sharebot to manage more than one machine simultaneously.

The price point for the Sharebot 42 will be less than 3000 Euros (plus VAT) and will be available to order from March 5 for delivery as of April 5.

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