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IPFL Expands Offering with Stratasys J850 Polyjet 3D Printer

IPFL, a plastics processing and 3D printing specialist, recently commissioned the J850 Polyjet 3D printer from Stratasys. This strengthens the company’s 3D printing technology and expands its existing polyjet capabilities with the latest developments of the J850.

The Stratasys J850 is the fastest printer in the U.S.-Israeli manufacturer’s J series and can produce high-precision prototypes from a variety of materials. It features a super high-speed mode that can process seven materials simultaneously, allowing five times more design iterations. Polyjet technology has enabled IPFL to offer its customers high-quality, flexible and transparent 3D-printed parts.

In addition, the printer brings new materials such as VeroVivid rigid photopolymers, VeroUltraClear glass-like polymers and ABS-Like temperature-resistant polymers. IPFL can now offer these materials in more than 600,000 color variations thanks to Pantone validation.

IPFL Director Adam Bloomfield, said: “With the Stratasys J850 polyjet, we can further enhance our quality of parts for customer prototyping and production requirements. IPFL offers smooth and accurate parts in a short space of time, and is always committed to servicing its dedicated sectors. Moving forward, the J850 is a significant addition to our production of medical devices and will enhance our suite of 3D printing capabilities.”

For more than 50 years, IPFL has provided various industries with high-quality plastic components. The J850 is expected to help reduce downtime for material changes and reduce the need for multiple printing processes due to the variety of materials offered.

Find out more about IPFL at ipfl.co.uk.

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