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Ira3D and Its Debut in the Medical Field

Rapid prototyping and custom solutions, these are the plus of 3D printing applied to the medical field.

The medical field is one of the areas that is failing to reap the greatest innovative strength of the technology of 3D printing. Ira3d is now present in the main applications, ranging from the creation of ultra-personalized prostheses with advantages in terms of time and cost, up to the creation of useful models to facilitate the work of surgeons, who might actually touch the body part that will operate, or at least a faithful reproduction, last but not least all the dental industry

Behind this immediate Ira3d debut has decided to present a line of medical success filaments:

IRABS BISMUTO – metallic filament hybrid with ABS base and loaded with even BISMUTO this also marketed by us.This is ‘precisely formulated so that it can be printed on any 3D desktop printer can handle types of filaments made of ABS. IRABS BISMUTO allows the creation of objects with a very similar characteristic to the metal is in the weight, both in the density. IRABS BISMUTO is patented and its ABS-based formulation ensures high density and printability with any 3D printing machine FDM / FFF. It provides the ability to rapidly prototype high density components. Using a variety of metallic charges, it has a density that is very close to traditional metals, while offering the flexibility of the plastic design. Charging non-toxic bismuth, make it an excellent choice for realizations of objects for radiation shielding X, without the environmental impact of lead. It ‘was developed for the creation of medical grade products. IRABS BISMUTO gives the ability to quickly create parts that approach, for density, the real metal.

GUMMIFY SKIN – in printing rubber SKIN EFFECT is one of the best rubber filaments most tested, flexible. Easy to print, it does not suffer from recoil problems so that you can print even without heated bed. This new GUMMIFY SKIN wants to imitate the effect of the color of human skin, which many users have been waiting for. In fact, with this new GUMMIFY SKIN is possible in 3D create something unique, like the human body and parts of it, available in 4 colors: pink leather babies, black leather, beige leather and white leather. GUMMIFY SKIN has been produced in collaboration with university students of medicine and surgery in order to implement the best use of this particular strand of color to print human bodies for study and research.

NYLON 680 – 680 NYLON FDA is an innovative nylon-based material for 3D printing Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and is designed to be used in a wide range of industries including: medical, dental, food processing, robotics, veterinary.

Compatible with sterilization procedures, has approval FDA for indirect food contact, and it is designed to have a force upper and clearly superior physical attributes, compared to consumer-type materials currently on the market. All the technical specifications of the 680 responding NYLON fully to the expectations of technical response both from industry and the amateur sector.

NYLON 680 has a very low shrinkage, allowing you to print parts with tolerances very restricted; This means that users who need to create functional parts have the possibility that the nylon 680 is up to the task. NYLON 680 also keeps the characteristic feature of the nylon to obtain the self-lubricating surface as required by clinical and mechanical industry sectors.

NYLON PROTESIS – developed specifically to have a high resistance, to be flexible and have a high viscosity for good surface grip, as well as a wide range of print 3D.Temperatures similar to glass for transparency, it can also be easily extruded to objects of high dimension. Great application for the prosthesis realizations. NYLON PROTESIS is a crystalline isomer in polyethylene copolymer, developed specifically to have a high resistance, to be flexible and have a high viscosity for good surface grip, as well as a wide range of 3D printing temperatures . Aesthetically similar to glass for transparency, it can also be easily extruded table for larger objects. The layers can be printed at a low speed and low temperatures but just as easily printable and more quickly, to more “standard-size objects” using in this case also high temperatures, depending on the nozzle size.

BIOPET GM0 – high strength material suitable for pharmaceutical, medical and prototyping of medical devices, supporting implants. Parties with MG0 are biocompatible, the material is ideal for applications that require prolonged contact with the skin of more than 30 days and brief contact with mucous-membrane up to 24 hours. The PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a polyester derived polymer and is one of the most prolific in use thermoplastic materials today. And ‘in fact used for the different products, insulating, magnetic tape, under pressure sensitive adhesives, and fabrics such as fleece. Furthermore, since PET is highly resistant to water and humidity, is a safe packaging material for foods and in particular for bottles of water and soft drinks in general .Come 3D printing material is very easy to use, keeps well its form, and can be used to contain liquid foodstuffs without toxicity problems. As most of the PET materials provides an excellent adhesion of the layers and thermal stability, and does’t produce smells during the printing process and is also fully recyclable.

IRA PP TALC – There are several materials for 3d printers safe and suitable to contain food for human and animal nutrition. Specifically it is the well-known POLYPROPYLENE (abbreviated PP) – This material has passed the standards of the US FDA and the EU and is therefore the safest material to build 3D objects with which to play with your children or to hold food. With POLIPROPILENE you can print in 3D plates, cups and other food containers and toys. This filament is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and produced in accordance with US FDA regulations and the relevant EU rules. Similar to the most common containers for foods (injection molded or die-casting), the models made with the PP have a soapy surface and a high level of flexibility. This version of Ira3d loaded with TALC AT 30% should also ensure the implementation of robust prosthesis but also soft to the touch that they can adhere to human and animal skin without irritating it and then giving a sense of cleanliness and freshness to the 3D printed guardian.

The use of 3D printing technology is evolving more and more and is proving to be of great use and versatility in different technological and industrial fields. The medical field is no exception to this trend and the application of this technology, combined with the development of new materials, allow to meet quality standards and increasingly higher biocompatibility. Moreover, the disclosure and accessibility increasingly more common use of this technology is allowing to realize biomedical aids at low cost, which is one of the goals that Ira3d, as a leading company in 3D printing aims to achieve by proposing POETRY MEDICAL BOX , specifically designed for the medical sector with the help of experts in the field of healthcare.

POETRY MEDICAL BOX is the solutions in the medical field.


It is the professional 3D printer with FLD Technology (Fast Layer Deposition), capable of creating high resolution, optimizing print times


Professional software needed to turn your ideas into reality, with the highest quality, convenience and ease of use.


Package of high quality filaments with a wide range of effects and applications.


comprehensive technical support, mini course and on-site installation.


Kit Accuracy, Speed and Kit package Sidekick® batteries. Recommended to use the restore function and exploit the full potential of Poetry® Infinity.

Our goal is to provide each customer with the best tools to produce and maximize investment and gain immediate productive results.

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