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Jeff Blank becomes the new CEO of Evolve Additive Solutions

Evolve Additive Solutions, provider of industrial 3D printing solutions, announced the appointment of Jeff Blank as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He succeeds former CEO and industry veteran Joe Allison.

Under Joe Allison’s leadership, Evolve made significant product advancements and experienced early commercial growth. Joe Allison joined as CEO in early 2022 and led the company through numerous key milestones. These included the appointment of Jeff Blank as President and COO, with a mandate to deliver hardware, software and material products. These achievements are celebrated as Joe Allison transitions to the role of Chairman of the Board.

Jeff Blank brings extensive experience to his new role. He has a strong background in 2D printing product development and has achieved significant success as an engineering and operations leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This combination of technical know-how and hands-on experience ensures that the transition will be smooth and that the strong leadership at Evolve will continue.

“I joined Evolve two years ago because I believe in the combination of our technology and people – and their unique abilities to address critical gaps in scaling additive manufacturing for production,” said Jeff Blank. “Evolve, and our STEP Technology, are at the beginning of an incredible journey to deliver immense value in manufacturing. My vision is that soon we will see STEP on factory floors right alongside injection molding machines.”

Evolve Additive Solutions specializes in developing innovative 3D printing solutions that make production more efficient and open up new possibilities in manufacturing. With its STEP technology (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process), the company offers a unique method for producing high-quality plastic parts that can be used in a variety of ways in industrial production. The continuous development of this technology and the expansion of application areas are key objectives that Evolve will continue to pursue under the new management.

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