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Jelwek Watch – 3D Printed Wooden Watch

The Polish company Jelwek has introduced their 3D printed watch fabricated with a wood-like material. The Jelwek Watch weighs only 44 grams and is printed out of a wood-PLA composite using FFF technology.

The company has started a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in order to raise $ 4,500 for the production. The design of the unique watch has been developed by an engineer student at the Rzeszow University of Technology in collaboration with Jelwek. According to them it was entirely designed and tested using CAD software.

The watches combine the style, elegance and modern design. It’s a completely new view on the passing time. Jelwek Watch is a mix of reliable mechanism made in Japan, a hint of creative design and the precise assembly. It weights only 44 grams. It’s a watch for people who wants to stay who they are and also distinguish themselves with a remarkable detail.

The Jelwek Watch takes up a production time of five hours; three hours for printing the parts and two hours for assembly.

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The campaign runs until January 20 and the first watches are to be delivered by May next year. You can pre-order the watch available in two different shades for $ 120. If you choose the $ 150 option, you’ll get a two-year warranty card.

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