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King Machine improves tire mold manufacturing with AddUp’s FormUp 350 3D printer

King Machine, the world’s fastest manufacturer of tire molds, announced the purchase of an AddUp FormUp 350 Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) machine.

As the largest independent tire molding company in North America, King Machine operates all of its mold manufacturing at a state-of-the-art facility in Charlotte, NC. This is complemented by 11 other locations dedicated to mold repair and maintenance. Their presence in North America allows them to efficiently service their extensive network of tire OEMs and ensure quick response times and constant support for their customers.

By using AddUp technology, King Machine achieves an unprecedented level of precision and quality in tire sipes that was not possible with the previous supplier’s traditional manufacturing technologies. Previously, the production of tire pipe components was outsourced overseas, leading to inefficiencies in the supply chain and high costs. To solve these problems and remain competitive in the US market, vertical integration was required.

By bringing additive manufacturing in-house, King Machine has improved profitability and sustainability while expanding its capabilities. This enables its customers to set new standards in quality and performance. This strategic decision is in line with King Machine’s commitment to proactive tire and mold development in collaboration with their top customers.

The decision to use the AddUp FormUp 350 platform was influenced by its proven success in the tire industry. The FormUp 350 is currently used in the mass production of tire stipes and has proven to be reliable and efficient in an industrial manufacturing environment. The higher throughput rate and lower overall cost were key factors in the selection. The 350 mm platform with a 4-laser system delivers twice the output compared to the competition. This results in significant operating cost savings through reduced labor costs, fewer rework steps and faster machine changeovers

“We chose the AddUp FormUp 350 because of its exceptional performance and cost efficiency”, explains King Machine’s CEO Michael Wells. “This machine not only meets our high-quality standards but also enhances our operational capabilities, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the tire mold manufacturing industry.”

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