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Large Format 3D Printer Sharebot Q Presented at MECSPE Fair

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot has just launched their A3 format (297 x 420 x 300 mm) Sharebot Q 3D printer. The professional-grade FFF device is designed for prototyping large objects.

It is perfect for professionals and also for companies that work in mechanic, architecture and design sectors,” Sharebot explains. The large-format printer includes all technical improvements in hardware and software of their recently launched Sharebot 42. This means it is also equipped with the auto calibration feature for all axes, making sure the plate is always correctly positioned.

The magnetic heated plate, that is used instead of a glass platform, ensures that even in difficult shapes supports can be easily removed form printed objects. The printer works with all of Sharebot’s filaments, including TPU, and can hold a 2 kg spool.


The double dragging system with two engines – one on the extruder and one close to the spool – ensures a smooth printing process. Upgraded engines allow for a fast printing process and high quality as well as precision of the final object. It’s full-colour touch screen enables user to easily manage all printing operations. You can also manage the 3D printing process from all Internet enabled devices, thanks to the possibility to connect the printer to the home or office network and the integrated webcam. In this way it is possible to control the print queues, the pauses and the interruption of the printing process.


Moreover, the new Sharebot Q is equipped with a double USB system – one for reading files while the other used for future hardware extensions and special kits.

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