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Latest Advancements in Medical 3D Printing at 3D Printshow London

3D Printshow’s upcoming London event this year boasts a wealth of medical features used to demonstrate how 3D Print technology is driving life-impacting changes to medical procedures and patient care, as well as reducing costs and increasing medical efficiencies.

With a visit to the 3D Printshow’s revolutionary in-show hospital or its half-day medical conference, entitled 3D Printing for Medical Change, visitors will discover how Open Bionics is working towards affordable and accessible prosthetics. Live at the show, attendees will also see real applications including a 3D printed robotic hand, and hear from Professor Lee Cronin from Glasgow University, talking about the use of 3D printing to create inorganic biology. From Heriot-Watt University, Alan Faulkner-Jones will explore 3D bioprinting with stem cells, whilst Dr. Muhanad Hatamleh, will demonstrate how Stratasys 3D printing was used in pioneering maxillofacial reconstruction at King’s College Hospital.

3D_printshow_london1In the medical world, 3D printing has been responsible for some of the year’s most incredible science and tech stories – from 3D printed hearts and skulls to a little girl with an amazing purple and pink 3D-printed arm,” states Kerry Hogarth, founder of 3D Printshow, “We aim to provide visitors with a truly awe inspiring glimpse into the transformative power of 3D print technology.

A lot of people associate this technology with art, design or engineering, but 3D printed medicine is jaw-dropping. Medical is one of the fields in which 3D printing is really changing people’s lives.”

3D Printshow London 2015 takes place at The Old Truman Brewery, London, across 21-23rd May.

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