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Let’s all live in our 3D printed flats

Sculpteo and property developer Valoptim offer new owners a miniaturized 3D-printed model of their future apartment, to help them visualize their new home.

3D has already made its first steps into the world of property development, offering for instance immersive visits in future programs. French property developer Valoptim takes a step further by partnering with online 3D printing leader Sculpteo to improve customer experience: thanks to 3D printings offered to clients subsequent to signing the agreement of purchase, the new owners can now visualize their future apartment and better prepare for moving into their new home.

3D printing is leading the world to increasingly new opportunities: tomorrow, will we build entirely 3D-printed houses? This may very well be the case, and this evolution is today at its early stages. To provide added-value to its clients, at the time of signing the contract, property developer Valoptim partners with Sculpteo and offers clients an exact replica of their future apartments. This immersive experience allows new owners to better visualize their future homes, to project themselves into the spaces and personalize the interiors, room by room. Furthermore, due to 3D printing, the time to manufacture the models is short and the production is local.

“Sculpteo uses the best machines and 3D printing processes on the market today”, says Edouard Pellerin, CEO of Valoptim, “At first, we had the ambition to test the feasibility of 3D printing in the real estate sector. This innovative process has proven to be extremely interesting: the realistic rendering, with high-end finishes, allowed our clients to discover a miniaturized version of their future apartment enabling them to realistically imagine themselves living in it. This innovation contributes to our business dynamic: constantly improving the customer experience”.

Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Sculpteo, adds, “3D printing is at the forefront of an inevitable evolution which concerns cities and buildings. Not so long ago, this type of model was exclusively within the reach of massive real estate programs; with Sculpteo, anybody can obtain the low-scale model of its property to truly picture it! The agility, quality and precision of these new technologies are an asset for buyers to better visualize apartments, especially those which are still under construction”.

Sculpteo aims to open new perspectives to industries by making 3D printing evolve from prototyping to a full share industrial manufacturing technique. As a pioneer of 3D printing, the company gives users access to a complete online platform for the manufacturing of digital files into tangible finished objects. From the conception, or the choice of materials, to the manufacturing and the high-end finishes, which are essential for the quality of products, Sculpteo revolutionizes the real estate sector thanks to its expertise.

Sculpteo and Valoptim are working on two projects currently under construction near Paris, in France, which involve 60 apartments ranging from studios to 5-room units with balconies, terraces and gardens, deliverable in 2020.

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