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Liqcreate introduces new 3D printing resin “Rigid Pro” for demanding applications

Liqcreate, a manufacturer of 3D printing materials, has introduced a new technical 3D printing resin called Liqcreate Rigid Pro. This resin offers high chemical resistance, good temperature resistance and high strength and rigidity. These properties make it ideal for a wide range of applications in the engineering, automotive, electronics and oil and gas industries.

Liqcreate Rigid Pro is a rigid photopolymer resin that can be processed on most resin-based 3D printers. It is compatible with Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and laser-based 3D printing systems in the 385-420 nm range. This broad compatibility ranges from entry-level systems from Anycubic, Elegoo and Creality to professional systems such as Asiga, Nexa3D and UnionTech Martrix.

A key advantage of the Rigid Pro resin is its chemical resistance. Parts made with this resin can withstand a wide range of chemicals such as mild acids and bases. In addition, the material is also resistant to petrol and diesel, making it suitable for applications in the oil and gas and chemical industries. Customized chemical resistant parts can now be designed and printed within days at unprecedented costs.

For applications requiring high temperatures, Liqcreate Rigid Pro can achieve a heat resistance temperature (HDT-B) of 77°C through simple UV post-curing. With a Formlabs Formcure unit at elevated temperatures, this can be increased to 91°C and can even reach 109°C with an optional thermal post-curing step. This temperature resistance makes the resin suitable for automotive parts under the hood as well as medium temperature resistant castings and molded shells.

The Rigid Pro resin combines chemical and temperature resistance with a high flexural strength of 110 MPa. This opens up a wide range of applications in customer-specific machining and factory equipment. Parts exposed to static loads in the engineering industry can now be designed, 3D printed and post-processed within a day, without the need for a large stock of spare parts.

For OEM partners, the Rigid Pro resin can be renamed and optimized for different applications and 3D printers. In addition to its own resin range, Liqcreate offers a development service for customized formulas to meet specific properties. This enables customers to request polymers with precise properties that affect both the printing speed and the properties of the finished part.

Thanks to its own R&D facilities, Liqcreate is able to quickly scale up the production of customized resins. The company’s independence ensures a fast time to market and avoids delays that could arise from competition or conflicts of interest.

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