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Lithoz presents ceramic 3D printing at RAPID + TCT 2024

At the upcoming RAPID + TCT show, Lithoz will present its ‘Ceramic 3D Factory’ and announce the launch of the new CeraControl software. A highlight of the event will be the world premiere of a 15-inch (380mm) semiconductor ALD ring from Alumina Systems printed using LCM technology.

The growing demand for ceramic 3D printing on an industrial scale can be felt in various industries. The success of Lithoz partners and their technology in serial production is becoming increasingly visible. Lithoz will present the launch of the “Ceramic 3D Factory”, which unites Lithoz technology and service offices worldwide in a global network for connected serial production.

Industries such as semiconductor production, aerospace and medical technology will benefit from this network. RAPID + TCT 2024 will be the central meeting point for the presentation of this global network, which is supported by the new CeraControl software. This software enables the connection of 100 globally networked CeraFab S65 3D printers.

Another highlight at the Lithoz booth will be a 15-inch (380mm) Alumina gas distribution ring from Alumina Systems, made with Lithoz’s LCM technology. Alumina ensures constant gas flow and pressure, even when using reactive gases. Thanks to the design freedom of Lithoz LCM technology, the manufactured part enables more effective performance than conventionally produced rings and offers an exceptionally light and thin-walled structure.

Visitors to the Lithoz booth (1613) will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of innovative industrial and medical products produced by global Lithoz partners. Following the huge interest in 3D printed healthcare applications in recent years, the show will also feature fascinating bioresorbable ceramic implants made from hydroxyapatite and multifunctional surgical tools as an exclusive ‘touch and feel’ opportunity.

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