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Lithoz wins the 2022 LESI Innovation Award’s ‘Small Enterprises’ category

Lithoz GmbH, global specialist in ceramic 3D printing, has been selected as the winner of the 2022 LESI Innovation Award’s ‘Small Enterprises’ category. The goal of the LESI (Licensing Executives Society International) Innovation Award is to highlight recent studies in innovations and licensing, as well as recognize outstandingly innovative approaches in licensing technology that lead to long-term market innovations and a leading market position.

Lithoz was founded as a spin-off from the TU Wien by two students, Dr. Johannes Benedikt and Dr. Johannes Homa. Since then, the company has grown into a global market player, with their industry- proven LCM 3D printers used for various applications, including medical, dental and industrial, their brand-new LIS 3D printers for dark ceramics and voluminous parts and their high quality materials to suit different needs.

Thanks to the strength of their submission, Lithoz was voted by the LESI Innovation Trends Committee and LESI Board as this year’s ‘Small Companies’ winner. The Committee, chaired by André Gorius, Bayani Loste and Tanja Sovic, is responsible for monitoring the factors of change brought by innovation that have a significant impact on intellectual property and licensing.

The award was announced at the recent 2022 LESI Annual Meeting in Venice, with Northrop Grumman winning the ‘Large Enterprises’ category. Dr. Homa, Lithoz CEO, was recently awarded the certificate in Vienna by Rainer Herzig (President LES Austria), Karin Hofmann (Vice-President LESI), Thomas Adocker (Chair Meetings Committee LESI)
and Tanja Sovic (Chair Innovation Trends Committee LESI). Dr. André Gorius, Co-Chair, felt that ‘Lithoz’s submission to the 2022 LESI Innovation Award was very strong and highly appreciated by the Committee.’

Speaking on behalf of the LESI Innovation Trends Committee about Lithoz’s win, Dr. Gorius stated that “the submission, with its solid invention value creation process, impressive collaborative teamwork and partnership strategy, and clear identification of roadblocks along the whole value chain, aligned perfectly with our focus on the best way to detect and manage trends in innovation.”

For more information about Lithoz GmbH, please visit lithoz.com.

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