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Lostboyslab invest in Italian WASP 3D printers

Lostboyslab and WASP today announce the investment of the industrial delta 3D printers to be installed in the Lostboyslab 3D print farm Alpha Zero in Malmö Sweden.

Lostboyslab is today the largest 3D print farm in Scandinavia and with in-house design, production and software engineering the main focus is based on circular design and sustainable manufacturing. The three new industrial WASP delta 3D printers will join the farm that already has more than 200 printers in use, in a single location.

WASP is based outside of Bologna, Italy and has been developing 3D printers since 2012. WASP is working with the same key values and mantra as Lostboyslab, the local power of manufacturing and reusing and recycling materials to build a better world and circularity of resources. WASP has successfully built many printers over the years and is now mainly based in circular and biomaterials with the delta technology for 3D printing, a fast and reliable solution.

The decision to invest in the WASP printers took place after Formnext in 2021 and will now be delivered in April this year. The high performance delta printers Wasp 4070 ZX, Wasp 4070 HDP and Delta Wasp 40100 Clay version will all be installed in the Lostboyslab micro factory in the South Coast of Sweden. The three delta printers have similar print size 400 x 700 mm and similar technology, but they are individually set to print with granules, filament and clay respectively. The WASP system will be used for research and testing with various new recycled materials, that is currently being developed based on hybrid mixes between thermoplastics like rPETG and fiber/rubber components. The WASP systems will also be available as printing service for external customers as a normal part of the 3D print farm.

“2.300 years ago, the wise man said: -Small, slight thoughts take shape by depositing. OK BOYS, thank you for choosing us! Let’s imagine a magnificent World together and embody the dream into matter to build the Paradise that will come! ” says Massimo Moretti Founder WASP.


“The three WASP systems will be a great addition to our lab where we do more and more research and printability tests with new circular and sustainable materials. This will enable us to print the same design in the same size but with three different extrusions of recycled materials. We believe WASP can be a great partner for the future of nano and micro factories and enable us to manufacture with recycled pellets, our own recycled 3D filament as ceramics” adds Stefan Larsson CEO and founder of Lostboyslab.

For more information, please visit: www.3dwasp.com & www.lostboyslab.com 

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