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Lumi Industries is back with a professional desktop resin-based 3D printer

Lumi³ (LumiCube) is dedicated to all those who do not only need a precise resin 3D printer, but who are looking for a reliable easy to use device, that can make save time and money thanks to some new patent pending solutions and little smart tricks we applied because of our experience as developers and users!

Hassle free resin VAT

EFV (Easy FEP Vat) is a patent pending disposable FEP thermoformed resin vat, very simple to load, unload and clean after use. You don’t have to become crazy anymore trying to change FEP film. When the surface is ruined or fogged, you can just dispose it and get another one. Since it is cheap as a FEP film you can get one for each resin you are using to avoid contamination with previously used resins. Lumi³ cover has been especially designed to allow you look through the transparent EFV to have a full view of the building platform and total control on the 3D printing process, especially on the most critical first layers, saving you time and material in case something goes wrong!

Low cost Integrated Post Curing

Post Curing is an essential 3D printing step that cannot be missed. However, to do it properly, you need to get an additional device which may be over your budget or just another bulky device on your lab desk.
“I asked myself” reveals Davide Marin, Lumi Industries CEO “Since we are using UV LEDs to 3D print, why not to use the same LEDs for post curing? Thus, the patent-pending HUT system was designed”
HUT (Hinged Mask for UV Transforming) is a unit that you simply install over the UV LEDs array, after tilting the LCD screen, mounted on an innovative hinged support with sensors inside.

The glass bottom of the HUT unit saves debris from falling inside the 3D printer and let the UV light Inside. The internal mirror surface of the HUT unit reflects UV rays uniformly, while 3D parts are fixed with clips on a rotating perforated transparent plexiglass basket, to be cured from each side.
Smart Building Platform

Removing a 3D print from the building platform is always critical. Objects must adhere firmly to the platform surface, but then it might prove difficult to remove it safely using the classical spatula.
We design Modular Tray System in a way that the building platform surface is different according to used materials.

For all medium and low viscosity resins, we provide a module in which, one of the components is a flexible magnetically fixed metal plate. At the end of the printing process, you just need to remove the plate, bend it slightly, and your 3D printing object will be easily removed in one single move.
For high viscosity materials with a typically difficult adhesion to the building plate , like our LumiReact Flexible , or ceramic filled resins, we provide a module in which the surface in contact with the resin is made of machined glass, to ensure perfect adherence and a smooth 3D printing process.

A 3D printer with brain inside!
We did not only provide a large 7” touchscreen with a proprietary software for a total control over the 3D printing setting and process. The electronic board controlling LumiCube can do much more than simply attending to the 3D printing process. This allows the user to:

  • be able to watch preloaded video tutorial and guides on the screen of the 3d printer itself;
  • get real time notifications from the 3D Printer;
  • get a 3D printing process report with pressure and heat data diagnostics;
  • send a request of material supply or spare parts with just a simple click.

Additional software module will be implemented in the future to add more features to the LumiCube. For example, to support an additional camera, to be mounted inside the 3D printer, allowing remote monitoring of the 3D printing process.

How it was conceived

“Our latest project LumiPocket LT came into market in late 2017. In the past two years we have been involved into a quite big project for a multinational company, in which we have been providing our R&D services. This absorbed much of our time and slowed down our own 3D printing projects. Now that work is almost finished and we can complete all the ideas we have in pipeline, LumiCube being the first one” explains Davide Marin.

“At the beginning of this year we were also initially commissioned the development of an LCD 3D printer, a technology we have been exploring already in 2015. Afterwards we carried this project forward independently.”

“We are aware that many LCD 3D printers are currently in the market” he admits “but we found that our patent pending solutions and smart improvements actually make users’ life a lot easier.”
All these innovations are supported by a state of the art hardware, with high resolution LCD screen, parallel UV system, HEPA and Carbon active air filter, precision THK linear motion system, and much more.
“We even added some cool extra features, such as a passive heating system that keeps resin an ideal temperature of 35-40°C, and force sensing sensors to preserve the screen from receiving excessive pressure during the 3d printing process.” He concludes.

LumiCube will be showcased in Lumi Industries stand F18, Hall 11.1 at Formnext and officially presented during a press conference on TUESDAY 19TH NOVEMBER h. 4.00 p.m. .