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Luyten 3D Supplies Ultimatecrete Mixes for Building 3D-Printed Houses in North America

Australian company Luyten 3D signs a contract with Alquist 3D to supply Ultimatecrete mixes for the construction of 3D-printed homes in the United States and Canada.

Luyten 3D, in operation since 2020, has quickly gained recognition for developing state-of-the-art AI-powered mobile 3D concrete printers and the world’s leading concrete mix, Ultimatecrete. Alquist 3D, a renowned U.S. company, revitalizes communities by building affordable, sustainable and innovative homes.

“We are absolutely elated to be partnering with Alquist 3D to support and promote the build of 3D homes across the United States and Canada,” Luyten 3D cofounder and global CEO, Ahmed Mahil said. “Our work together will involve providing Alquist 3D with the ability to use and distribute Ultimatecrete under license across the United States and Canada.

Zachary Mannheimer, CEO of Alquist 3D, said the partnership will enable Alquist 3D to provide high-quality 3D-printed enclosure solutions to the North American market.

“America has a housing shortage and Alquist 3D plans to solve it but in order to do this we need the best 3D printing solutions that the world can offer. We have the leading knowledge, capability and technology, we just need the highest performing concrete mix for 3D building and construction and we found it in Luyten 3D’s Ultimatecrete. Not only is Ultimatecrete easy to work with, it also boasts unparalleled levels of strength and endurance which is essential for the build of robust and enduring structures when undertaking 3D printing in the building and construction industry. Its ability to dry quickly and tolerate weather extremes also makes it ideal for the north American climate. We are now well prepared to solve north America’s housing crisis with the highest quality 3D printed structures. The US government has implemented policy to increase the adoption of 3D printing in many industries and we look forward to contributing to this outcome.”

Luyten 3D Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Godfrey Keung said, “What makes Luyten’s Ultimatecrete unique is that it was designed with sustainability and economic feasibility in mind. It is the only concrete mix for 3D printing that truly reduces construction site costs between 30 and 60 percent compared to other methods.”

“We are proud to see our unique Australian product being used to help solve housing problems across the world and we look forward to growing our partnership with Alquist 3D into the future.”

Find out more about Luyten 3D at luyten3d.com.

For more information about Alquist 3D, please visit alquist3d.com.

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