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MadeSolid Got His Hands on the New AutoDesk SLA 3D Printer

The software giant, AutoDesk is developing a SLA 3D printer. Resign producer, MadeSolid got one to test it.

And they are pretty impressed. In their Blog the posted some amazing pictures from actual prints. The AutoDesk Spark is fast (72mm per hour), precise (50µm z-axis, 20µm xy-axis) and in his actual prototype stage very hackable.

1) Speed

The peel process is swift. The light source is powerful and monochromatic. This makes for a very quick print speed. The entire peel process plus the cure time with our Black MS Resin is 5 seconds flat for a 0.1mm layer. That makes for a very fast build rate 72mm an hour. And because it’s projector based (DLP) the cure time won’t change for bigger prints.

2) High Resolution

Resolution is 50um in the xy and we’ve tested the z resolution to 20um, which means the Autodesk printer is comparable, in terms of resolution, to some of the best SLA printers out there and beats a lot of the rest. Check out the detailed photos below.

3) Maker Friendly

The Autodesk printer is a machine built to be hacked and is friendly towards makers. This printer isn’t locked in to any particular material settings or cartridge system. Additionally it is much easier to develop algorithms with pixel by pixel and layer by layer control. All we can say, it’s about time! All in all it has been very easy to use all our resins and to create high detail profiles. This is a positive trend that will bring much needed innovation into the 3D printing materials world.

DLP-Resolution-photo-1024x767 MG_0757-Edit-1024x682 MG_0768-Edit-576x1024

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