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MAG Uses Roboze One+400 for its Luxury Helicopters

Roboze, manufacturer of industrial 3D printers for high techno-polymers additive manufacturing, announces the installation of its second 3D printer model – Roboze One + 400 – in the production departments of MAG – Mecaer Aviation Group – an international leader in customizing high-end interior of helicopters.

MAG manufactures customized interiors of luxury helicopters. It has customers all over the world from heads of state to captains of industry, who seek the ultimate in performance and quality for its aircraft.mecaer_stabilimento

The Group has always invested heavily in R & D for the improvement of own resources and for the development of cutting-edge solutions. Its fleet already included some 3D printing solutions used primarily for conceptual and aesthetic models.

“We are not new in using 3D printers,” says Eng. Massarelli, head of the development division, “until now mainly used to validate the work of designers and have aesthetic conceptual models of different details of our own design. As MAG we always look to the future, seeking solutions, products and always cutting-edge processes. With the new Roboze One + 400 our company will become functional. We have already begun to print the finished products, not prototypes, but the final components printed in engineering plastics such as PEEK and PEI that will be installed directly after a rigorous validation process, on our upcoming helicopters “.

mecaer_magb429-vipBy integrating a solution as Roboze One + 400, able to handle advanced materials such as PEEK, PEI, Carbon PA (nylon12 filled with carbon fibers) and other technical polymers, with the real accuracies thanks to the system of movement of Beltless System axes, MAG will have the opportunity to optimize their production, with the aim of being able to customize always better and faster the helicopters of the future for its customers.

The R & D area of Roboze has developed its technology working alongside its customers. MAG was one of these and gave the company a way to understand the real needs of the aviation industry: mechanical and thermal properties of materials, precision and repeatability. The new Roboze One + 400 goes to meet all these elements thanks to a series of mechanical innovations, process and materials.

“We are delighted that Mecaer Aviation Group has chosen Roboze to produce finished components in super polymers for its helicopters. The aviation sector is of great interest for us, we designed the One + 400 to meet the needs of this market by investing a lot in R & D on the extrusion process for engineering plastics such as PEEK. We expect the aerospace & aviation industry will represent for us in the next five years an important and strategic business channel, “says Alessio Lorusso, CEO of Roboze. “Mecaer Aviation Group always looks towards the future, and it was one of the first major groups to understand the importance of an instrument such as the 3D printing to create significant competitive advantages within their own business. The management also of critical materials for aviation with Roboze One + 400, will certainly be a new opportunity to renew and innovate their own solutions in accordance with its great history of quality and exclusivity, “concludes Lorusso.

Some of MAG’s parts printed by Roboze One+400 will be shown during Formnext show next week at Roboze’s booth (K28).