Home Applications & Case Studies Make Cool Leather Belts And Accessories With The Help Of 3D Printing

Make Cool Leather Belts And Accessories With The Help Of 3D Printing

3D printing can help make other production methods and tools better – here is how you can produce a unique belt for your wedding or any other important event!

Mikaela Holmes makes a lot of really cool designs and the artist also shares some insights about how to make awesome stuff yourself. Mikaela uses a lot of 3D printing for her works.

I was excited by the idea of having full creative control over my leather projects with my own custom designed stamps, and I wanted to see if I could do it with 3D printing.

The stamps I ended up creating were simple to design and they worked surprisingly well. They might not have quite the durability or definition that metal stamps do, but they still created some great patterns.

In this new instructable she tells us how to make custom patterns on leather using a 3D printer to create stamps. Here is the process displayed in pictures:

Mikaela Holmes Leather Stamps

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