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Make3D launches large-volume 3D printer made in India with Pratham X

Indian company Make3D has unveiled the Pratham X, a new, high-volume and comparatively low-cost 3D printer produced in India. The printer builds on the previous Pratham 3.0 and 5.0 models and expands Make3D’s portfolio of desktop and industrial-grade printers.

With the Pratham X, users can now print large components in high quality. The printer is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for large-volume 3D printers that offer precision and detail at the same time.

Pratham X: Large-volume 3D printer made in India.

According to the manufacturer, the Pratham X is an industrial-grade FDM 3D printer with a build envelope of 1000 x 1000 x 600 mm. Despite its size, it requires only 3.3 square meters of floor space. Including accessories, the device weighs around 270 kilograms.

The new large-format printer offers a range of powerful features, including filament sensor, automatic bed leveling, touchscreen and ball screw drive in all axes. The manufacturer claims the Pratham X’s printing accuracy is +/- 200 microns.

With a sturdy MS steel metal frame, precision linear guides from THK, and ball screws for high accuracy, the printer is built to last. The robust 780W power supply ensures reliability.

A heated aluminum printing plate ensures good hold of the first layer and avoids warpage. The printer can handle materials such as PLA+, PRTG and TPU.

With the Pratham X, Make3D expands its portfolio with a solution for demanding industrial 3D printing in large dimensions. Thanks to manufacturing in India, the manufacturer can offer an attractive price.

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