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Maker presents 3D-printed dampers for better 3D printing results

Vibrations are a common problem when operating fast 3D printers. This can lead to a loss of quality and increased wear. To counteract this, the maker thrutheframe has developed a new type of foot solution called “Hula”.

The omnidirectional dampers aim to decouple the printer from the installation surface and absorb horizontal forces caused by rapid movements. In contrast to conventional rubber feet, Hula consists of printed components, a sliding ball bearing and 95A TPU core. The latter, together with the bearing, enables all-round cushioning.

The design was inspired by basic vibration isolators for buildings in earthquake zones. Hula is currently available for printers from Bambu Lab, Creality, Prusa and Voxel. The designs differ mainly in the printer mount to ensure a correct fit.

The YouTube channel ModBot has tested Hula and published a video about it. The dampers themselves can be downloaded free of charge from MakerWorld.

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