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MakerBot Customizer

MakerBot launches “Customizer”, a simple web application for modifiable 3D models based on OpenSCAD.

Using this Thingiverse integrated function designers can edit 3D models without prior knowledge in 3D design. The application introduced at the CES enables designer to create e.g. a necklace with a variable number of links via OpenSCA and to then make it available for users to download. By clicking on the “open in Customizer” button on Thingiverse you can edit 3D models in the WebApp.

The user can modify the adjustable characteristics of the models by slide control and print if wanted. Only the designer is required to have knowledge of OpenSCAD.

MakerBot started a challenge upon launching the project – applicants can hand in their 3D models until 8th March 2013 and win a MakerBot Replicator 2X.

(c) Picture & Link: MakerBot Customizer / Challenge


Update: 18.04.2013 – MakerBot Customiser allows for 3D print of photos