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MakerBot to Roll Out Developer Program for Thingiverse – Update

One of the go-to websites for free 3D printable models is MakerBot’s Thingiverse, with its active community of content contributors.

February 15, 2016: MakerBot has recently unveiled their plans to empower this community to become even more engaged by providing access to more data and opening up more possibilities for partners and users. Their developer program will allow developers to integrate new services and tools into the Thingiverse platform.

The Program will focus on three important aspects:

  • extended functionality to build new features for designers and end users
  • enabling customisation, print fulfillment and 3D modelling utilities on Thing pages
  • developer tools

“We’re renewing our commitment to developers because we know that empowering our community to be even more creative is the best way to improve the Thingiverse experience.”

If you would like to contribute to the Thingiverse Developer Program you can sign up here.


April 12, 2016: Update – Thingiverse API and Thing App API

In order to show what is possible with Thingiverse apps, MakerBot has partnered with 3D Hubs to implement their print service on Thingiverse, allowing users to have direct access to the 3D printer network. Additionally, they teamed up with Mixed Dimensions to implement a MakePrintable app, enabling users to analyse and repair 3D models before printing them.

Through the new Thingiverse API developers can create apps that access data from and publish things directly to Thingiverse. The new Thing App API extends the functionality of Thingiverse itself, so developers can create apps that appear directly on a Thing page, including three different categories: prints apps providing 3D printing services, customisation apps and tool/utilities apps to analyse, fix or modify a thing.


Designers will be able to control the distribution of their models by turing apps on or off for each of their 3D designs.

Additionally, in app purchases and tips for Thingiverse allow app developers to charge for services they offer within their app and designers to receive a cut of these payments through tips. Both in app purchases and tips will only be available for things that are licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows for commercial use and designers can opt out of apps at any time.

To provide documentation and resources, MakerBot has launched a new Developer Portal including how to instructions and a new sandbox allowing developers to test their apps.

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