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Makex M-Jewelry Hits Kickstarter

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign for their M-One 3D Printer in 2014, Makex returns to the crowdfunding platform to finance their M-Jewelry UV-LED 3D printer.

And that happened in just three days. Now the company has reached more than 100.000$ in funding from supporters and sold more than 40 3D printers. The new M-Jewelry comes in two variations.

The larger U50 comes with a build volume of 64x40x130mm and prints details up to 50 microns (XY). If you add 200$ you get the M-Jewelry U30 with a slightly smaller build volume of 40x26x130mm but can produce details up to 32 microns.

You can preorder the M-Jewelry U50 for just 2.199$ at the early bird pricing. With additional 200$ you can get the M-Jewelry U30.

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