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Makies: 3D Printed Personalised Dolls

The 3D printed personalised dolls, called “Makies“, are a fully customisable doll line developed by London-based designer Alice Taylor. 

Makies can be created through a FabLab app by choosing body type and face shape, that can be adjusted through sliders. Hair, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows can be customised and accessories as well as the doll’s wardrobe can be selected. Through the app kids can access a game, where they can compete with others to design the most fashionable looks.

For the purchase you will receive a code generated in the app, that has to be entered online for the ordering process. While the dolls are 3D printed on an SLS machine, their clothes are made by hand in the MakieLab workshop.


Currently the Makies are also available at Hamleys, Selfridges and Amazon. The dolls come with a price tag of  $ 115.

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