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Mantle receives SME Additive Manufacturing Start-Up Technology Award

Mantle, a specialist in metal 3D printing for tooling, announced that it has received the prestigious Additive Manufacturing Start-Up Technology Award for its metal 3D printing technology.

The AM Start-Up Technology Award recognizes companies with unique technologies that solve manufacturing problems in innovative ways. Mantle received the award for its TrueShape 3D printing technology, which significantly reduces costs and production times for precision tooling, enables more advanced tooling designs and combats labor shortages.

The SME, which supports and promotes the tooling industry, evaluated many startups, with Mantle selected based on technical feasibility, uniqueness, market potential and clear value proposition.

“We are extremely pleased to be selected by SME as the 2023 AM Start-Up Technology Award winner. Since its public launch, Mantle has proven significant value for our customers by automating the process of making precision tools. Through multiple case studies, manufacturers of all sizes have experienced the ROI gains that Mantle’s 3D printing technology delivers by slashing the time and money needed to manufacture precision molds compared to traditional toolmaking processes”, comments Ted Sorom, CEO and co-founder, Mantle.

Mantle, which has announced the availability of its production machines in September 2022, has quickly established itself as a leader in metal 3D printing for precision tooling. Major OEMs, injection molders and toolmakers, who benefit from shorter time-to-market and lower production costs, are already using Mantle.

“Mantle’s win is a testament to our company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The award is a significant achievement and a major milestone for the company, demonstrating the potential of its technology and their ability to make a significant impact on the precision tooling market”, says Paul DiLaura, CCO, Mantle.

Find out more about Mantle at mantle3d.com.

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