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3Dynamic Systems is a Swansea University UK-based 3D-Bioprinting manufacturer offering the first commercial and affordable 3D-Bioprinting systems.

Willy-Andreas-Allee 19, 76131 Karlsruhe, Deutschland
+49 (0)721 680 30 87 0+49 (0)721 680 30 87 0
+49 (0)721 680 30 87 77

Apium Additive Technologies GmbH, former Indmatec GmbH, is a technology based company in Karlsruhe. It is the first company to offer PEEK (poly ether ether ketone) as a filament and which developed special, for industrial purposes designed 3D printers based on the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology processing high-performance polymers. This manufacturing process is a time and cost saving alternative towards other processes used in different industries. Cooperationg with partners like Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG or Ensinger GmbH helps us to extend our product and material lines an realise our innovative ideas in a high quality way.

146 - 2259 Lower Mall Vancouver Canada

Aspect Biosystems is an award-winning biotechnology company specializing in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. We bring together a multi-talented team of individuals to develop cutting-edge custom human tissue technology for use in the life sciences.

Wilhelm-Herbst-Straße 1 Bremen 28359 Germany
81 Ubi Avenue 4#05-20 UB. One Singapore

Bio3D Technologies develops the world’s first true scientific 3D printing platform and innovations for a variety of research and biomedical applications. Our aim is to bring affordable and reliable 3D micro-printing and bioprinting technologies to every researcher, scientist, doctor, engineer, educator and student for the advancement of science and technology.

Ostendstraße 25, 12459 Berlin, Germany

botspot is technology leader for photogrammetric 3D scanners. Our claim to quality is the driving force for intensive research and development work.

In addition to various 3D scanning systems for the digitization of people and objects, botspot offers customized scan solutions for numerous applications in the fields of E-Commerce, VR/AR/MR, Health Care and Industrial Applications.

The scanners from botspot provide highly precise and colorfast 3D models, thanks to an easy and automated scanning process within fractions of a second – contactless and completely safe.

470 Ramona Street Palo Alto California USA

CELLINK is the first bioink company in the world and is also the creator of the world’s first universal bioink. This opens up the opportunity for scientists to bioprint using any type of cells. CELLINK also provides a wide range of bioinks for different applications. A bioink is a hydrogel biomaterial that is suitable for bioprinting and it provides a temporary support to the cells while they produce their own extracellular matrix.

Calle Romero 29, nave 13 Spain

EBERS Medical Technology SL is devoted to the development of equipment for cell and tissue culture.We are focused in creating new and innovative products which help the users to improve their protocols by providing new tools able to simplify research tasks or offering technical solutions which make easier to develop new experimental set-ups in simple and efficient way.

hyperDENT Hybrid Module.png
Regerstrasse 27, 81541 Munich, Germany, Deutschland

The hyperDENT® workflow is configured perfectly to suit laser-sintering machines.
With the additive manufacturing process, customers can produce complex
geometries which would otherwise not be possible via traditional milling.

FOLLOW-ME! offer Hybrid Manufacturing, a highly efficient and
economical combination of additive and substractive technologies for the production of implant based
indications for which tight tolerances must be maintained.

New features and further developments to the hyperDENT ® CAM software are consistently
implemented into the process so that users are always technologically up-to-date.

Advantages of hyperDENT ®:
– Open, highly automated and flexible system
– Additive manufacturing and milling in one CAM software
– Simple, intuitive operation
– Production of various types of support structures
– Automatic nesting of the components
– Automatic generation of ID tags for the identification of parts
– Automatic generation of the machining allowance for milling
– Material-independent
– Maximum precision and time efficiency throughout the entire process
– Always technologically up-to-date through consistent software
enhancements and developments
– Worldwide premium support

Campus-Boulevard 79, 52074 Aachen, Deutschland

Production service: LightFab produces prototypes and series of complex 3D quartz glass precision parts from customers CAD data.

LightFab 3D Printer: We sell the machine to rapidly produce 3D glass parts with the SLE process. The LightFab 3D Printer is also used for precision ablation, waveguide writing, internal glass welding and 2 photon polymerization.

We are enabling mass production of 3D glass parts by scaling the SLE process with special high speed modules.

7000 Fannin Street, Suite 2140 Houston Texas USA

There is a growing push for biomedical and pharmaceutical research to transition towards three-dimensional (3D) cell culture models. Model selection is basically a choice between representation (animal testing) and throughput (in vitro cell culture). 3D cell culture brings the best of both worlds, but technical limitations in cost and handling have prevented its widespread use. To overcome these challenges, Nano3D Biosciences (n3D) has developed magnetic cell culture, where we magnetize cells using NanoShuttleTM-PL, and then rapidly print them into microtissues using magnetic force. This is an easy method for 3D cell culture that works with any cell type, making it ideal for biomedical research and high-throughput compound screening.We offer a wide product line for our technology with kits that are easy to use and fit seamlessly into existing cell culture workflows. We also provide services, in cell culture optimization or contract research, where we leverage our expertise in 3D cell culture to deliver quality results.At n3D, our goal is to develop our magnetic cell culture technology into the industry standard for 3D cell culture, with longer term focuses on personalized medicine and regenerative medicine.

6275 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 110 San Diego California USA

At Organovo, we design and create functional human tissues using our proprietary three-dimensional bioprinting technology. Our goal is to build living human tissues that are proven to function like native tissues. With reproducible 3D tissues that accurately represent human biology, we are enabling ground-breaking therapies by:

Bâtiment C - 1er étage27 allée Charles Darwin Pessac France

Poietis is a biotechnology company whose mission is to support Researchers and Physicians in the emergence of personalized medicine by providing innovative solutions based on 4D Bioimprinting technology of biological tissues .Incubated in the Incubateur Régional d”Aquitaine (Aquitaine Regional Incubator) between 2012 and 2014, and winner of the 2014 ILab Contest (French National Competition for Innovative start-up Creation of the Ministry of Research, Creation-Development category), Poietis is the result of nearly ten years of research at the INSERM and the Bordeaux University on the development of new approaches of tissue engineering.

Otto-Hahn Str. 27 Dortmund 44227 Germany

pro3dure medical provides customized and proven technology packages. Here the focus is both generative and subtractive manufacturing processes and their integration into digital process chains. We develop customized material solutions for your digital workflow.


REGEMAT 3D is a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine and pioneer in a new and promising area called bioprinting, that uses 3D printing technologies for regenerative therapies.

Z.I. du Vivier 22 Villaz-St-Pierre Switzerland

regenHU is an innovative biomedical company located in Switzerland, belonging to the CPA Group SA. regenHU acts as a biosystem architect exploiting new biomanufacturing solutions in order to respond to the emerging challenges facing the biomedical industry. regenHU benefits from exclusive patented technologies resulting from many years of research within international universities and partners.

No. 1398, Xiangbin Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan Hangzhou Hangzhou China

SHINING 3D®, founded in 2004 and listed in “New OTC Market”(”New Over-the-counter Market“) on Aug. 8th, 2014 (stock:830978), is China’s first OTC stock in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industry, specializing in the establishment of the 3D digitizing and 3D printing technology ecosystem. Our business covers 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D material, 3D design and manufacturing service, as well as 3D network cloud platform. SHINING 3D® is at an industry-leading level in the aspects of general strength, sales volume, technique types, service safeguarding capacity, etc.

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