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Paul-Lenz-Straße 1a Friedberg 86316 Germany
7911 Haskell Avenue Van Nuys 91406 USA
81 Ubi Avenue 4#05-20 UB. One Singapore

Bio3D Technologies develops the world’s first true scientific 3D printing platform and innovations for a variety of research and biomedical applications. Our aim is to bring affordable and reliable 3D micro-printing and bioprinting technologies to every researcher, scientist, doctor, engineer, educator and student for the advancement of science and technology.


Natural Machines are creating a new generation IoT kitchen appliance, a 3D food printer. We call it Foodini. It’s the world’s first 3D food printer making savory and sweet foods, using fresh, real ingredients. Fundamentally, Foodini contributes to a healthy eating lifestyle by helping people make fresh meals and snacks.Foodini will revolutionize every kitchen, outpacing the functionality of the last kitchen revolution: the microwave. We have created a new type of kitchen appliance that will enable anyone to incorporate 3D printing technologies to simplify and conveniently prepare fresher, exceptional delicious foods. We believe in contributing to a healthy eating lifestyle. Users are never forced to buy pre-filled food capsules. Foodini ships with empty stainless steel food capsules, and users can print with fresh, real ingredients, having total freedom and control over foods printed and in what form.

UV cure resin.jpg
Xiyuan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

We are Chinese manufacturer of UV Curable photopolymer resins for SLA,DLP,and Inkject Photocurable 3D printers.

Reasonable Price and High Quality.
Plentiful Grades for Choice.
Global Retail and Bulk Wholesale.

2700 Liberty Road Greensboro North Carolina 27406 USA
1933 Davis Street, Suite 249 San Leandro California USA
Schmatzhausener Straße1a, 84076 Pfeffenhausen, Germany

Consumables for the Projet 660pro and the Zprinter 650. Trim3nsion is an ever-growing team specializing in the production of consumables (binders and powders) for 3D gypsum printing.

Achterdijk 33 Helmond 5705 Netherlands

Dutch filaments started as the result of an alliance between a team of experts in private label manufacturing and one of the most innovative polymer processing plants in Europe. The first production and sales took place in January 2014.Today Dutch Filaments is one of Europe’s largest polymer based filament manufacturers with a focus on high quality filaments and the development of new improved materials for 3D printing based on the FFF or FDM technology.

hyperDENT Hybrid Module.png
Regerstrasse 27, 81541 Munich, Germany, Deutschland

The hyperDENT® workflow is configured perfectly to suit laser-sintering machines.
With the additive manufacturing process, customers can produce complex
geometries which would otherwise not be possible via traditional milling.

FOLLOW-ME! offer Hybrid Manufacturing, a highly efficient and
economical combination of additive and substractive technologies for the production of implant based
indications for which tight tolerances must be maintained.

New features and further developments to the hyperDENT ® CAM software are consistently
implemented into the process so that users are always technologically up-to-date.

Advantages of hyperDENT ®:
– Open, highly automated and flexible system
– Additive manufacturing and milling in one CAM software
– Simple, intuitive operation
– Production of various types of support structures
– Automatic nesting of the components
– Automatic generation of ID tags for the identification of parts
– Automatic generation of the machining allowance for milling
– Material-independent
– Maximum precision and time efficiency throughout the entire process
– Always technologically up-to-date through consistent software
enhancements and developments
– Worldwide premium support

Via Martiri della Resistenza, 7 Ancona Italy

The Dynamo 3D TEAM consists of passionate people first and foremost.Each of us comes from different and advanced technology sectors, industrial design, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and power tools.All our qualities were then put in common in the world of motorcycle competition getting great results.Based on that experience, we are ready to give the same intensity and dedication that requires high-level sport in the fantastic and unlimited world of personal 3D


We are a company in Australia that is producing both low cost 3D metal printers that operate in multiple modes as well as large format metal printers capable of printing large 1 ton+ parts in under 24 hrs with similar resolution to standard metal printers.

5825, rue St-Georges Lévis Québec Canada
Krokslätts Fabriker 27A Mölndal 43137 Sweden

Fila-Cycle is a tech start-up specialising in 3D Printing Materials.Research and development has taken place over several years and the company was formed in 2014 in recognition of the potential global impacts 3D Printing will have on business and people. Fila-Cycle focuses on material research and development, consultancy, impacts on businesses and the environment alike.Our fila-cycle brand specialises in 100% recycled plastic materials such as rABS, rHIPS, rPET, rPLA and rNylon filaments suitable for FDM/FFF 3D printing.

Lubelska 34 Olsztyn Poland

Zortrax provides reliable, efficient and professional 3D printing solutions to business markets, where safety, quality and tangible results justify investments. From trusted, high-performance machines with dedicated software to a vast range of printing materials, our products are both innovative and accessible. Zortrax is a solid partner who supplies your business with the latest 3D printing technologies to enhance your projects, minimize product development timelines and push you forward ahead of the competition.

Mollardgasse 85a/2/64-69, 1060 Vienna, Austria
14th Floor,Block A,Huaye Building,511 Jianye Road Binjiang China

Magicfirm, founded in 2009, is the first 3D printing service provider in China. Magicfirm is committed to providing integrated solutions for architectural design, industrial design, film and animation, surgical procedures, mechanical design, education, and other industries, quickly turning concepts into accurate physical objects. It is Magicfirm’s belief that even the perfect drawing is not as intuitive as a touchable object. Rapid prototyping equates to increased profits, and 3D printing is the key to rapid prototyping.

576 Fifth Avenue, Suite 903 New York New York 10036 USA
Amperstraße 13, Töging am Inn, Germany

ViscoTec offers a various range of printheads for 3D printers which enables the 3D printing of fluids ranging from low to high viscosities. The advantage of ViscoTec technology, known as the Fluid Dosing & Deposition (FDD), is a unique combination of speed and accuracy in 3D printing.

Depending on the application, 3D models and shapes can be produced by varying the printing speed and the thickness of layers. The material range is nearly unlimited: silicones, UV-glues, 2-component adhesives, ceramics but also organic cell-suspensions for bio-printing and many more.

The printhead can be integrated in a wide range of common 3D-printers. This enables a freedom of design, and thus with materials which have not been used before in 3D printing.

C.da Congiunti Z.I. 65010 Collecorvino Italy
Bâtiment C - 1er étage27 allée Charles Darwin Pessac France

Poietis is a biotechnology company whose mission is to support Researchers and Physicians in the emergence of personalized medicine by providing innovative solutions based on 4D Bioimprinting technology of biological tissues .Incubated in the Incubateur Régional d”Aquitaine (Aquitaine Regional Incubator) between 2012 and 2014, and winner of the 2014 ILab Contest (French National Competition for Innovative start-up Creation of the Ministry of Research, Creation-Development category), Poietis is the result of nearly ten years of research at the INSERM and the Bordeaux University on the development of new approaches of tissue engineering.

Reisstraße 5, 78467, Konstanz, Germany

CreoPop (www.creopop.com) is the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. In contrast to other 3D pens, there are no hot parts, no melting plastic and no unpleasant smell. Instead, CreoPop uses photopolymers that are solidified using LED diodes to let users create amazing 3D designs. Since no heating is required, CreoPop is safe in a home environment with children and pets around. The most innovative feature of CreoPop is the large selection of cool inks available including different colors, elastic ink, magnetic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, temperature sensitive ink and body paint ink.CreoPop is a venture-backed company based in Singapore.

Calle Romero 29, nave 13 Spain

EBERS Medical Technology SL is devoted to the development of equipment for cell and tissue culture.We are focused in creating new and innovative products which help the users to improve their protocols by providing new tools able to simplify research tasks or offering technical solutions which make easier to develop new experimental set-ups in simple and efficient way.

Esromgade 15, Kopenhagen, Dänemark Kopenhagen Denmark
Calle Sofía 10 Las Rozas de Madrid Spain
Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17, 1230 Wien, Österreich

Cubicure GmbH was founded in March 2015 as a spin-off of the TU Wien by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stampfl (Institute of Material Science and Technology) and Dr. Robert Gmeiner. The company deals with the additive manufacturing of high performance polymers for industrial applications. Here, stereolithography (SLA) is used where light-curable plastics are cured with a laser in a layer-by-layer approach in outstanding precision. Cubicure develops photopolymers of which the properties are like those of technical thermoplasts.
Under the technology name Hot Lithography, Cubicure offers a specially developed and patented 3D-printer (Caligma 200) and associated materials in the market. The aim of Cubicure GmbH is the creation of products of highest quality for an industrial production environ

A.O.S. 2. Kisim 5. Sok. No:113 Maslak Sariyer Istanbul Turkey
21-22 Balena Close,Creekmoor Industrial Estate Poole UK

BOFA (UK) Ltd was established in April 1987 and has unrivalled expertise in the field of fume extraction and filtration.

19E Hills Road Cambridge UK

Dovetailed has developed a 3D printer that can make edible structures from liquid. By combining individual liquid droplets with different flavours into a desired shape, it allows the creation of interesting bespoke flavour bombs in a matter of seconds. It is aimed at chefs, foodies and anyone interested in making creative dining experiences. No specialist knowledge of cuisine is required to rapidly create fresh and organic 3D flavours on demand.

No.181 Linyu Road, Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Zone Hunan China
2100 Space Park Drive, STE 102 Houston Texas USA

re:3D Inc.® is breaking through the current limitations of 3D printing to unlock new applications and growth markets worldwide. Gigabot, re:3D’s flagship technology, enables industrial strength, large format 3D printing at an affordable price point. With a build volume of eight cubic feet and robust construction, Gigabot can print objects up to 30x larger than competing desktop models. re:3D’s customer base comprises an esteemed group of specialty manufacturers, engineers, designers, universities, and hobbyists in over 20 countries around the globe.

Carl-Bosch-Str. 38 Ludwigshafen Germany
1331 Aviation Blvd, Suite 100 Lincoln 95648 USA

Branch Technology combines novel 3D printing technology, conventional construction materials, and large-scale robotics to build in a new way.

L8/608 St Kilda Rd Melbourne Australia

3D Stuffmaker is manufactured by iprint Technologies, an international company dedicated to bringing you the best desktop 3D printing technology available. We are committed to making 3D printing faster, simpler and more affordable so that the technology is accessible to everyone.

Via Cav. Modesto Sandretto, 16 Pont Canavese 10085 Italy
2 Ilan Ramon St.Ness-Ziona Science Park Ness Ziona Israel

Nano Dimension Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: NNDM), founded in 2012, is focused on the research and development of advanced 3D printed electronics, including a 3D printer for multilayer printed circuit boards, and the development of nanotechnology-based conductive and dielectric inks, which are complementary products for 3D printers.Nano Dimension’s novel and proprietary technologies enable the use of conductive and dielectric inks for ultra-rapid prototyping of complex, high-performance multilayer circuit boards. The company’s PCB 3D printer is the result of combining advanced breakthroughs in inkjet technology, 3D printing and nanotechnology. Nano Dimension stocks are traded on the NASDAQ in the U.S. (NNDM) and on the TASE in Israel (NNDM).

#C58, 2nd Floor, NGEF Industrial Estate, Mahadevpura,, ITPL Main Rd Bengaluru Karnataka India
10 rue Marcel Dassault Vélizy-Villacoublay 78140 France
Unit 9, Rawdon Network CentreRawdon Business Park, Marquis Drive Moira Leicestershire UK

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies was founded in 2012 by Dr. Jason Jones and Peter Coates as a spin-off from a collaborative research and development project.

Bernseweg 14, 5324 JW, Ammerzoden, The Netherlands

Tractus3D offers professional 3D-printers for large format and special materials.

Printing normal materials like PLA and PETG is standard, but we also have models for special materials like Nylon64, PEEK, POM, PEI, ULTEM, Ninjaflex and rubber, etc., etc.

The large format printers (printing up to 210cm high) are known all over the world.

The broad range of Tractus3D printers really make the difference for companies.

Arthur-Hehl-Straße Loßburg Germany

We produce our machines for plastics processing exclusively at the ARBURG parent factory in Lossburg. Around 2.100 employees currently work in Germany, with another 450 employed at a total of 33 locations in ARBURG’s organisations around the world.

Landsberger Straße 98 München Germany
3D-printed Chair, ASA Filament .jpg
Oudeweg 85, 2031 CC Haarlem, Netherlands

At the beginning of 2014 , father and son Wille started building their own filament extruder. They decided to do this because of the growing interest in 3D printing technology, the knowledge of plastic within the company and the company network. 3D4Makers is the result from a company that primarily dealt with selling plastic raw materials. Now the 3D4Makers team consists of five members, each with their own specialties.

While building the filament extruder and testing it we found out that moisture in the filament can cause problems while printing. Moisture in the filament could also lower the quality of the printing product. 3D4Makers took this problem into account while building the filament extruder.

Normally a filament extruder uses a several meters long waterbed to cool the filament. During this process the filament absorbs water. 3D4Makers chose not to use this cooling technique which means that the filament does not come into contact with water during the production process. On top of that the filament is directly packaged in a vacuum packaging after the production process.

This production process makes the 3D4Makers filament particularly suitable for FDM and FFF 3D printers. The material has an excellent adhesion between the layers. This results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability, the printing process and “warping”.

The 3D4Makers filament comes with a product information folder that contains technical information, printer settings, storage information and safety information. Basically everything you need to know.

Brüsseler Straße 51 Gladbeck 45968 Germany
Via Gramsci 16 Borgomanero 28021 Italy

Ira3D was born from the great desire of a young group of experts ready to attack the economic crisis with their ideas.Experience in creative communication, passion for business and a talent in entrepreneurship led Ira3D to easily surpass the limits of traditional StartUps, reaching 7 figure turnover forecasts at the end of the first tax year.With an effective distribution network extending internationally, Ira3D is preparing to launch onto the USA market with the Poetry Infinity product, going to show once again that Italian quality not only can keep up with the global markets, it can lead them.“Ira3D the natural evolution of a dream. And with Poetry Infinity, there are no limits to creativity and design, the possibilities are endless”

Robert-Stirling-Ring 1 Krailling 82152 Germany
Tannenweg 23 Neuhofen an der Krems 4501 Austria

ADVANC3D Materials® is a privately ownedindependent company. We develop, produceand distribute raw materials for the additivemanufacturing industry.

146 - 2259 Lower Mall Vancouver Canada

Aspect Biosystems is an award-winning biotechnology company specializing in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. We bring together a multi-talented team of individuals to develop cutting-edge custom human tissue technology for use in the life sciences.

Biberweg 30 C Braunschweig Germany
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 4 Ettlingen 76275 Germany
Lochhamer Straße 29a Planegg-Munich Germany

Sculptify is an American desktop 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The company has developed a new method for 3D printing, which allows customers to print with nearly limitless material options. This method, combined with high-precision components, allows Sculptify to deliver a premium desktop 3D printer, specifically designed for personal use.

1-6-4 Shinmiyakoda, Kita-ku Hamamatsu-shi Shizuoka-ken Japan
No.518, Xianyuan Road Jinhua Zhejiang China

Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter refer to Flashforge ), founded in 2011, is one of the largest 3D Printer and filament manufacturers in China. By the end of 2014, Flashforge has developed a valuable product line with 7 series, 14 products, including 3D printing filament and 3D scanner, among which Flashforge Creator series and Dreamer series capture the favor of worldwide 3D printing customers for their best price, excellent precision and stability.

19, Rue Columbia ESTER Technopole Limoges France

For more than 20 years, the Kreon company has implemented advanced technologies and manufactured systems with high quality materials. We control the assembly process of our products and calibrate them at every stage. We are committed to providing our customers with solutions in aiming to help them to decrease production costs and time, to increase efficiency and to control their processes.

Hasengartenstraße 14, 65189, Wiesbaden, Germany
130 W Union St Pasadena California USA

New Matter was founded in 2014 with a mission to bring 3D printing to every home, school, and office. Led by its flagship products, the MOD-t 3D printer and the New Matter Store, New Matter is poised to revolutionize the consumer 3D printing market by providing the first and only affordable, fully integrated, end-to-end consumer 3D printing experience.

Mittelweg 7-8 Braunschweig Germany
Avenida Rio Grande do Sul, 3277 Marechal Cândido Rondon Paraná Brazil
No.18 Yanqi Avenue Yanqi, Economic Development Area Beijing China
311 W Stiegel St. Manheim Pennsylvania USA
No. 52-13, Xinshu Rd., Xinzhuang Dist. Taipei Taiwan
Schillerstraße 67 Berlin 10627 Germany
155 North Riverview Drive, Suite #100 Anaheim Hills 92808 USA
Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, USA
Groenloseweg 135 Winterswijk

Opiliones 3D is a manufacturer of large sized Delta 3D-printers

Noorderpoort 45 Venlo Netherlands

Colorfabb was founded by Ruud Rouleaux. As an expert in the field of additives and masterbatches for the plastic industry he set out to develop high quality 3d printing filament. Back in the summer of 2012 the first experiments started, which gradually led to the official launch of the brand Colorfabb in March 2013.Now Colorfabb is run by a multidisciplinary team. Another important part of the team are our extruder line operators who save guard the quality of our filament.Like our customers the Colorfabb team is very passionate about 3d printing and the amazing community that supports this. We hope to support the development of desktop 3d printers by sharing our knowledge on plastics and additives. Our goal is simple, we want to supply the community with the highest quality filament possible.We believe in constant development of our materials, which is why we will continue looking for amazing materials to adapt to the 3d printing. New materials inspire new applications for 3d printing and will also draw new users to the world of 3d printing.

Gewerbepark 5 Schörfling am Attersee 4861 Austria
Max-Planck-Straße 31 Unna 59423 Germany
Street Benjamin Franklin 415. Building 3. Roces Industrial zone. 33211. Gijón. Principality of Asturias. Spain

TRIDITIVE has developed AMCELL, an automated additive manufacturing cell for the continuous production of final parts. Integrated with our algorithm EVAM, a cloud based architecture for the control and managing of production, AMCELL can manufacture 24/7 with minor human intervention. We have take additive manufacturing from prototyping to series production. Our cells are working continously in our additive manufacturing center for the manufacturing of series of final parts.

1278 N 750 W #400 Springville Utah USA

We are RigidBot. Our 3D printers are designed to be strong, powerful and open. Our first Kickstarter in 2012 was for a machine called the L5 3D which we eventually decided to cancel in order to improve on the design. In 2013 the RigidBot was born and had a very successful Kickstarter campaign which raised a total of 1,092,098. We love 3D printing and all of the possibilities that it can bring to the classroom, your business, your desktop or your workshop. We really do believe that our 3D printer is the best thing out there and at a price that normal people can afford!

16 Berkeley Court Manor Park Runcorn Cheshire UK
A-2F Songzhu Building, 8 Xiaoying Road Bejing China
GneisenaustrasBe 66 Berlin 10961 Germany

Founded in 2014, BigRep set sail to transform the 3D printing and manufacturing business. With its 1m³ volume, the BigRep ONE opens the gateway to a new dimension of 3D printing and 3D manufacturing.

Campus-Boulevard 79, 52074 Aachen, Deutschland

Production service: LightFab produces prototypes and series of complex 3D quartz glass precision parts from customers CAD data.

LightFab 3D Printer: We sell the machine to rapidly produce 3D glass parts with the SLE process. The LightFab 3D Printer is also used for precision ablation, waveguide writing, internal glass welding and 2 photon polymerization.

We are enabling mass production of 3D glass parts by scaling the SLE process with special high speed modules.

An der Zeil 8 Lichtenfels 96215 Germany
1001 Taylors Lane Cinnaminson New Jersey USA

It all started in 2013 when we were simple Makers and in the spare time we created Lumifold: the first foldable and affordable DLP 3D printer.A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo proved us to be on the right path.We decided to concentrate our attention on this project and in summer 2014 we founded Lumi Industries srl an Italian start-up with a clear mission: make 3D printing benefits available to everyone.In December 2014 we completed another successful campaign on Indiegogo with our 3D printer model LumiPocket.Our aim is to develop and produce 3D printers, software and related accessories to provide you a complete and user-friendly 3D printing experience!We are full of ideas so stay always tuned!This is our story of passion and innovation!

1000 W. Washington Blvd. Suite 421 Chicago Illinois USA

Dimension Polymers was founded in 2014 by Mark Sherman and Gerald Galazin. Mark and Gerald’s goal was to develop the first commercially produced, engineering-grade 3D printing filament made from recycled plastic.The success of this endeavor relied on overcoming the challenge to produce a filament comparable in quality and consistency to name brand filaments made from virgin plastic. To accomplish this, a consistent waste material must be sourced, contaminants and impurities removed, and physical properties adjusted.Through the use of proprietary technology and collaboration with plastic industry professionals, Dimension Polymers has succeeded in developing a high-quality ABS filament that meets the strict material property and consistency standards essential for high quality 3D printing. Our blending, processing, and quality control testing ensure every inch filament meets a strict set of standards and is verified by an A2LA accredited laboratory.As the world continues to increase its use of 3D printing materials, our mission is to help users reduce their environmental footprint.Dimension Polymers is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

3, Charles Babbage Road Cambridge UK

NAOTECH, company founded in 2012, leads projects of technology-based art aimed at developing 3D technologies , new materials and commercial printing applications at industrial level.

1F., No.28, R&D 2nd Rd., Science-Based Industrial Park Hsinchu City Taiwan

MicroJet Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a publicly traded company with 500 employees. After several found raises, MicroJet Technology currently has a working capital of 21 Million U.S. dollars. We have achieved solid performance in Inkjet Print Cartridges, Inkjet Printers, Inkjet 3D Printers and Piezo-electric Devices.MicroJet Technology designs Inkjet Printheads, Inkjet Printers and Piezo-electric Devices with its innovative teams of IC design, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. We devote ourselves to offering printing solutions within economical budgets.Research and Development is our most valued asset. Our R&D team members have solid experience at various high-tech companies and research institutes within printing related industries.MicroJet Technology prides itself on hundreds of granted and pending patents, worldwide, and the list is still growing. MicroJet Technology also ranks among the Top-100 Taiwan companies in Patents application.MicroJet Technology is dedicated to customer service, and promises customer satisfaction. MicroJet Technology’s efficient, effective, and innovative design and manufacturing teams will gladly accept your OEM/ODM.

1e Middellandsstraat 103 Rotterdam Netherlands

3D printing is today’s trendiest industrial revolution. At Refil we aim to make it a sustainable one as well. Why continue to use new plastics, when there’s so much old plastic we can re-use?At present, most plastic waste is perceived as valueless, it ends up in landfills or incinerators. Only a small fraction of the plastic waste is recycled. Unfortunately, a lot of discarded plastic ends up in our rivers, the sea (so called “plastic soup”), forests and even in animals. Plastic waste is a global problem and is interfering with our food chain and ecosystem. Moreover, plastic is made from oil, and this resource isn’t infinitely available. It’s time that we take responsibility and we make smarter use of our resources. It’s time to change and start recycling.

3386 Commercial Avenue Northbrook Illinois 60062 USA

We are a resin producer located in Tarragona/Spain and have now also developed special ABS grades optimized for 3D printing (FDM).
Until now we have developed a general purpose ABS grade, food contact grade incl. medical certifications, high heat ABS, high impact ABS.

Further grades are under development (conductive, Bio ABS, etc.).

Oldbury-on-Severn Bristol United Kingdom
Robert-Koch-Str. 11 Grafschaft 53501 Germany
C/ Pico Veleta 36, 03600 Elda Alicante Spain
Caoxi Rd, Shanghai Shanghai 200235 China
Vossenkoog 2-4 Alkmaar 1822BG Netherlands
Amundsenweg 25 Goes 4462 Netherlands
Via Montegiudeo 9 Oleggio Italy
Via Monte Popera 4/9 San Donà di Piave Venice Italy

In early 2013 we were trying to verify the specifications of a parabolic dish we used in Concentrating Solar PV Applications. The cheapest 3D Scanner that was reliable cost $20,000. So we set out to build our own, and four prototypes later, we decided that this was an important problem to solve and in the process became obsessed about Point-Clouds.

North Road, Marchwood Southampton UK

Biome Bioplastics is one of the UK’s leading developers of intelligent, natural plastics. Our mission is to produce bioplastics that can challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers, and ultimately replace them completely. We are headquartered in Southampton, UK from where we serve a global customer base.

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