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Markforged launches new 3D printing material for aerospace applications

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has developed Vega, a new material specifically for the aerospace industry. According to a press release, the carbon fiber-reinforced PEKK is intended to offer an alternative to aluminum components.

The company promises very high strength at a significantly lower weight. Conventional metal parts can be replaced by the printed PEKK components, saving weight, costs and production time, explains Markforged CEO Shai Terem.

Vega was specially developed for Markforged’s FX20 3D printer, which can process continuous fiber composites. According to Terem, the new material is characterized by a very smooth surface and high dimensional stability. It is particularly suitable for visible components in aircraft interiors.

Together with the continuous fiber technology, Vega enables a high fiber content in the matrix and therefore comparable strength to aluminum, according to the company. Lighter yet stable components are a major advantage for the aerospace industry.

Markforged intends to use the new high-performance material to further expand the range of applications for its FX20 3D printer. The aim is to cover a wide range of applications, from prototypes to safety-relevant structural components in aircraft construction.

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