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Markforged launches new FX10 industrial 3D printer

The US 3D printer manufacturer Markforged has introduced the FX10, a new printer specifically for industrial use. According to the press release, the 5th generation of the continuous fiber reinforcement printer is designed to make production more flexible and robust.

According to Markforged CEO Shai Terem, the core is a completely newly developed printing system that enables higher speeds and larger components. The FX10 is specially optimized to produce spare parts and tools on demand and thus compensate for supply bottlenecks.

According to Terem, various automation functions also play an important role in simplifying the printing process. Optical sensors and lasers are used to check the parts during printing and thus ensure consistent quality.

Things such as filament reloading during operation and simple touchscreen control are also specifically tailored to the needs of production staff, according to the company. With the right software platform, Markforged also wants to enable customers to distribute and monitor print jobs in a network.

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