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Masitte Launches – Affordable Industrial-Grade Laser SLA 3D Printer for Small Businesses

Masitte is the ultimate laser SLA 3D printer that is created for people who rely on 3D printing not once in a while but day by day, it provides the high resolution needed prints without ever failing or giving any issues to its user.

Today 3D printing is a necessity for many small businesses for a variety of usages from prototyping to production. A high resolution, fine detail print without failing to get the needed work day by day is possible with industrial machines, the only issue is these printers cost 50-80k on average.

When it comes to the desktop option of laser stereolithography (sla) there is only one option to go for, why the laser SLA should not be more accessible? Compared with the other laser SLA option Masitte is lighter, quieter, and prints faster while matching the XY resolution for 25-micron print quality. Most importantly it helps users to save $1000+ for the printers $100+ for the resins per kilo.

When it comes to MSLA printers that need non-stop replacements for the LCD screens (ends up in landfills) not giving the same printing results on the sides and corners of the build plate for lack of light distribution, nonstop screen issues, broken down pixels MSLA 3D printers are the nightmare of a small business owner, who just needs to high-quality print done in their everyday usage in long term. We know this from our early users who tried LCD Resin printers, Masitte’s difference in productivity can’t even be compared.

Made by high-quality industrial-grade full metal body parts Masitte 3D printers can work for years by not requiring any part for replacement or issues to give to its user. The laser has 10.000+ hours of lifespan(min 2 years in very active usage) Early users have been using the printers for over a year, they did not change any part but FEP films.

Masitte 3D printers differentiate themselves from any other resin 3D printers with its never-seen design. Its motion system components are housed inside of the main case. When Z-Axis is in the zero position (bottomed down) MASITTE can be %38 smaller than its Z-Axis top position.

A powerful laser system with 80-micron small laser spot size, precision galvo, and stable linear motion system enables accurate high detail prints.
Unlike other Kickstarters, today we do not only have just one prototype but more than 10 real users that rely on Masitte 3D Printers day by day. Thanks to Covid we had a chance to wait for our users to experience our products for over a year which helped us a lot to see small issues and experience many different applications. Our early users gave our product 10 out of 10 and some are even already looking for getting the second printer or even the third.

“ We make user friendly 3D printers by benefiting our early users experiences without compromising the quality of our product. We will be keep improving our product and the industry by being in touch with our users. “ -Founder Fatih Durmaz

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