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MASSIVit’s Super-Sized 3D Printer Creates Objectes up to 1.8 m High

Massivit 3D, an Israeli startup that has 3D printed a full-size Strati car back in June, installs their first “super-sized super-fast” 3D printer working with Gel Dispensed Printing (GDP) Technology.

The industrial machine features a build volume of 1.5 m x 1.2 m x 1.8 m and is capable of printing up to 35 cm per hour, depending on the object’s size, shape and selected printing mode. Their GDP technology uses a unique printing gel and smart support according to the developers: “It may seem like the technology is the same as used in other filament-based 3D printing systems, but it is completely different. The GDP utilises movement similar to what is used in FDM systems, while working with a UV sensitive material that hardens when exposed to UV light.”

The proprietary gel used in the process is a UV sensitive polymer with good structural strength, similar to ABS. Due to its relatively low fluidity parameters and instant solidification, combined with Massivits software, non-vertical walls and support-less printouts can be realised. The company holds several patents for their GDP technology and explains on their website:

Massivit 3D has developed techniques that allow printing of non-vertical walls and ceilings, without the need of printing a support structure, nor printing of solid objects. These techniques rely on Smart Support patented elements, and on unique software developments and UV curing processes, that take advantage of the special features of the Massivit 3D gel printing materials.”

3D printed Strati car
3D printed Strati car

Their first 1800 3D printer has recently been installed at ES Digital, an Israeli printing and communications service provider.

Eyal Shemesh, CEo at ES Digital: “We are delighted and excited to own the Massivit 1800. We have great plans for this printer, and many of our customers are already awaiting this solution that will enable them to create unique, stunning promotional campaign in all kind of formats – from unique point of purchase displays all the way to amazing launch events. With the Massivit 1800 we can now offer our customers more ways to grab attention, call for engagement and make their marketing campaigns attractive and entertaining – we can add another dimensions to marketing.”

Massivit has raised capital from a variety of investors, including funding form the Israeli Chief Scientist. Their facility with 3 running systems for demo is located in Lod, near Tel Aviv.

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