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Materialise Launches 3DPrintCloud: Online Tool to Optimise Files for 3D Printing – Update

3D technology company Materialise has just launched its web-based 3DPrintCloud service, helping users to quickly and efficiently improve their 3D model in preparation for 3D printing.

July 17, 2015: This services has already been integrated into SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse as well as the company’s own platform Ideas Worth Making. Now anyone can access the online toolbox and upload their models to 3DPrintCloud for analysing and repairing before converting it into an STL file format.

The functionalities provided by 3DPrintCloud are also available to developers through web services and can be integrated into other websites and solutions.

3dprintcloud_materialise_3d_druckStefaan Motte, Director of Materialise 3D Printing Software Segment, explained: “We actively engage with our customers and welcome their feedback and suggestions for improving our services, developing new features and functions, and addressing any problems they face. We look forward to collaborating with our customers to develop customised 3D printing solutions that allow them to print useful products and achieve their business or personal goals.”

Materialise 3DPrintCloud is now available for a free 30-day trial period.



September 11, 2015: Update – 3DPrintCloud Now on AstroPrint and Skyforge

Following 3D Warehouse and Ideas Worth Making, now Astroprint and Skyforge also chose to integrate the 3DPrintCloud API.

AstroPrint is a platform for 3D printing applications and has recently also partnered with the 3D modelling app 3DSlash, to offer a more user friendly experience.
The software platform Skyforge lets multiple users manage 3D printers and optimises workflow.

Materialise writes in a blogpost:
“When we launched 3DPrintCloud as an app, we also announced that it was up for grabs as an API to be integrated into your products and interfaces. AstroPrint and Skyforge have now become the first to integrate the 3DPrintCloud API into their respective platforms, giving their users the opportunity to fix potential printing disappointments before they happen. That’s what makes 3DPrintCloud the perfect value-addition to both their services: the ability to help people print the idea in their minds, without the hassle of complicated software or the frustration of a failed build over a tiny design flaw.

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